• Q: I would like to give feedback/make a complaint.


    Thank you very much for your feedback and complaints, we are sorry for the unpleasant experience. Please provide us with details and we will investigate and resolve the problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will take steps to improve the quality of our service.

  • Q: What is your after-sales service policy?


     We offer a 30-day no-questions-asked return and a one-year quality guarantee for our after-sales service. If you have any questions about our products, please contact our customer service team for details.

  • Q: Do you offer freight forwarding services?


    Dear customers, thank you for your trust in our services. In order to ensure your rights and interests, we provide freight forwarding services, you can choose as needed when placing orders. If you have any questions, you can contact us online or call us.

  • Q: How do I check the status of my order?


    Hello, you can contact our sales representatives, we will be the first time to help check the logistics information, such as special circumstances will contact the logistics company to verify as soon as possible, as soon as possible to provide you with feedback on logistics developments

  • Q: Can I find your contact information?


    Our contact information can be found on our official website. You can find our e-mail address, phone number and address on the “Contact Us” page.

  • Q: How do I buy products or become a partner distributor?


    VSOL mainly provides product customization and volume purchase services to resellers and operators.

    So how do I become a partner reseller? Product requirements can be contacted and communicated in the following ways:

    1. Click on the session button on the right-hand side of the website to communicate online, or click here to contact online customer service.
    2. Click on the Contact Us page and send a message through the message system and email address on the page. After receiving the message, we will contact you within 24 hours.

  • Q: How can private individuals buy products from VSOL?


    VSOL does not have an e-commerce channel for the time being, and therefore cannot offer products directly to individual buyers.

    But we offer a better solution. If you are an individual buyer and need a small amount of product for home or office use, then you can contact your local distributor customer instead of purchasing the product through VSOL.

    The local distributor can provide you with equivalent quality products and service support without incurring additional shipping costs.

    Need to know about local dealer customers can be accessed in two ways:

    1. The Partners page of the website.

    2. Submit a message on the contact page or contact customer service online.

  • Q: When are chat services available?


    Customer Sales Support/Technical Support hours of operation:

    We offer a 7*24 sales support and technical support service. You can access the online support service at any time in the right-hand toolbar of the website.

    During statutory holidays, you can also leave a message via the website message board or the following email address.
    Sales: marketing@vsolcn.com
    Support: support@vsolcn.com

  • Q: I can’t configure VLAN for PON ports of GPON OLT.


    PON ports are transparent mode, don’t need to configure vlan. Other vendors such as Huawei, ZTE, Fiberhome OLT also don’t need to configure vlan for pon ports. Just need to configure tcont, gemport, service, service-port for each onu.

  • Q: How can I remote access ONU?


    You can access ONU through WAN IP. By default, it’s not allowed to access from WAN, you need to set firewall level to low and enable wan access on the web.

    Attention: for security, please do not enable wan access.

  • Q: How can I remote access OLT from Internet?


    (1)Access through AUX port:
    Change the aux IP to the same segment as your network, and configure the gateway.
    (2)Access through uplink port:
    Configure VLAN, VLAN port, and IP of the VLAN, then configure default route x.x.x.x(gateway).

  • Q: When ONU is connected to OLT, LOS light still blink.


    ONU doesn’t detect optical signal, please measure optical power by powermeter, make sure ONU rx power in range -8dBm~-27dBm.

  • Q: Why I can’t upgrade my OLT/ONU?


    Please make sure the firmware matches the hardware. Model id or hardware version doesn’t match with the firmware, upgrade will fail.

  • Q: I can’t open OLT web.


    (1)please use https to access OLT web, such as
    (2)Please use console cable to login, then check login-access rule by command “show login-access”, delete the deny rule or disable login-access function.
    (3)Please check web access port by command “show web port”, if it’s not default port 443, please add port at the end of ip address.
    (4)Please check olt version by command “show version”, if it’s old, please upgrade to latest version first.

  • Q: OLT 10G uplink port can’t work.


    By default, uplink port is 1GE mode, please input the following commands to enable 10G mode.

    Login: admin


    epon-olt> ena


    epon-olt# conf t

    epon-olt(config)# debug mode

    epon-olt(debug-mode)# set giu mode sfp+




  • Q: Where can I find the latest firmware of VSOL products.


    On the official site, there are download links of all OLT models, please find the correct model of yours and download. For other products, we don’t open download link, please provide your products’ firmware and hardware information and ask technician for new firmware.

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