VSOL HG325AX15T, Ideal Choice for FTTH Triple Play Solution


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WiFi 6 now is the most widely adopted WiFi technology with its higher speed and lower latency compared to former versions.

In response to the demand of fixed network operators for FTTH access networks and triple play fiber optic solutions, VSOL has upgraded the original XPON ONT in all aspects and released a new WiFi 6 AX1500 ONT HG325AX15T.

Key Features of VSOL HG325AX15T HGU ONT

High-Speed WiFi 6 Experience with High-Cost Performance

WiFi 6 AX1500 ONT HG325AX15T is an HGU ONT with dual-band 2.5G and 5G technology to identify and switch automatically into EPON and GPON mode for flexible fiber network access.

The HGU ONT supports the WiFi 6 standard at a rate of 1500Mbps to achieve the ideal triple play fiber optic solution for FTTH access network with high-speed internet access, low-latency cable TV, and smooth phone call service with low cost but high performance. 

Since the 5G network has become popular and widely used, the cost of VSOL WiFi 6 AX1500 ONT is coming down which is similar to nowadays’ AC1200 ONT. The ONT brings the WiFi 6 technology to users’ network experience without breaking the bank, making it a cost-effective investment for operators.

Additionally, equipped with 4 GE ports and an on/off switch, it fully meets the fixed network operators’ needs, and can easily cope with the network challenges in high-load environments.

Excellent wifi 6 performance & OFDMA and MU-MIMO of HG325AX15T

Built-In OFDMA and MU-MIMO

The OFDMA and MU-MIMO functions of the WiFi 6 AX1500 ONT are complementary technologies to improve the WiFi efficiency for multiple devices.

OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access) function allows multiple users to share a channel simultaneously, boosting overall capacity while reducing latency.

Compared with the traditional routing method that assigns more bandwidth to the applications that need more resources to support the operation, OFDMA allocates the suitable channel based on user needs to prevent any single user from dominating the channel.

MU-MIMO(Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) focuses on spatial streams that make data transmit faster as it separates several pipes for multiple devices simultaneously compared with the SU-MIMO. This function makes the ONT device for FTTH with 4*5dBi external antennas maximize the potential of your network connection.

The custom allocation of OFDMA and high bandwidth support of MU-MIMO make the WiFi6 HGU ONT ideal for FTTB or FTTH access networks in which many devices are competing for the bandwidth and a mix of network activities are running at the same time.

Integration with CATV

With the CATV(Custom Amateur Television) function, VSOL WiFi 6 ONT can transmit the TV signals in 6 optional input levels to provide a one-stop service for the users that simplifies the network layout.

Moreover, with AGC(Automatic Gain Control) deployed in the CATV technology, TV signals can be maintained automatically in a suitable signal amplitude to ensure good TV picture quality all the time without stuttering and lagging issues.

Bulit-in CATV feature with AGC at a competitive cost

VoIP Support

The VoIP function allows the users to connect their phones directly to the ONT by the POTS port to make low call costs but high speed over the Internet. It is ideal for houses and apartment buildings to deploy the FTTH ONT to make telephone calls or 3-way conferences.

Moreover, by deploying WiFi 6 AX1500 ONT support VoIP, you can enjoy faster, more stable, and smarter wireless network connections without the need for the potential cost of traditional landline services.

Breakthroughs in Customer-Centric ONT Design

To serve the real needs of operators and users, it’s worth highlighting that VSOL made breakthroughs in the ONT structural design by completely upgrading the shell design, fiber structure, and antenna of HG325AX15T, making the WiFi 6 ONT with comprehensive and balanced innovation and superior overall experience.

Rounded Corner Design

The shell of the HGU ONT is upgraded to a rounded corner in black and white optional colors, making it more aesthetically pleasing and modernized, users can choose according to their own preferences and scenario needs.

Customer-Centric ONT Design of HG325AX15T

Tray-Mounted Fiber Structure

We have also designed a tray-mounted fiber structure at the bottom to protect the fiber and reduce cable clutter without needing an additional tray fiber box, making it a great look, easier to install, and better O&M.

180-Degree Foldable Antennas

Besides the shell, we have the same ingenuity in the antenna design of the ONT device for FTTH.

The 180-degree foldable antennas make it more flexible to deploy, not only can it be placed on a desktop, but it is wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted, easily adapting based on different installation spaces and angle requirements.

When mounted on the wall, the 180-degree foldable antennas ensure the signal is optimally directed to the terminal equipment to achieve omnidirectional signal coverage. This ensures seamless network connectivity with no blind spots, thereby delivering a more reliable and efficient communication experience for users.

Best WiFi6 ONT for FTTH Network Solution

No more worried about slow packet transmission, intermittent calls, and laggy video, choose VSOL WiFi 6 AX1500 ONT HG325AX15T with dual-band mode and CATV function TODAY for your FTTH access network, making three services integrated into one single fiber cable to get a high-quality triple play fiber optic solution and experience fast and smooth data transfer, television and telephone calls.

Since WiFi 6 has become mainstream and integrated into daily life, how to deploy properly your network equipment for an efficient network access system? Learn more on FTTH WiFi 6 Mesh Networking Solution, and inspire yourself by searching ONT devices for FTTH for different scenarios. VSOL’s products are designed to provide customers with a higher-quality experience in all dimensions. 

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