VSOL Presented EXPO ISP Olinda 2024


EXPO ISP Olinda 2024 was held in Brazil from May 8th to 10th. RIO, the exclusive distributor of VSOL in Brazil, successfully brought the high quality and innovative spirit of the VSOL brand and the latest R&D achievements to the forefront of the global stage.

SOL Presented EXPO ISP Olinda 2024

At the exhibition site, VSOL’s newly launched 10G PON OLT and ONU products became the center of attention with their excellent performance and ultimate cost-effectiveness. Through professional explanations and on-site demonstrations, the RIO team enabled visitors to gain an in-depth understanding of the advantages and features of these products. These products are not only equipped with high-speed and stable transmission capability but also with intelligent and networked features that can meet the diverse needs of different customers.

SOL Presented EXPO ISP Olinda 2024

The success of this exhibition not only laid a solid foundation for promoting the VSOL brand in Brazil and even in the global market but also further consolidated VSOL’s leading position in the communications industry. With the increasing level of global informatization, communication technology will play an increasingly important role in the future. We will continue to work with our global partners to promote the development of optical communications technology and create a bright future for the communications industry.

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