FTTH WiFi 6 Mesh Networking Solution

WiFi 6 Mesh Networking Solution

The dead or weak-signal zones always exist since traditional WiFi routers have a limited range. The situation would not appear in the house with the WiFi 6 FTTH Mesh Network Solution.

In the Mesh WiFi system, devices can access the WiFi network from multiple APs but from a single point in the traditional broadcast router.

The WiFi Mesh operates by deploying two or more WiFi routers working as nodes to transfer the signal through a node-to-node mesh structuring network and then to the destination.  

Unlike traditional routers, mesh network systems are set up and extended easily by adding router nodes to eliminate the dead zone and provide an uninterrupted WiFi signal to each device in the house. All the nodes in the system communicate with each other to ensure a strong signal to the devices.

VSOL WiFi 6 Mesh Network System is the ideal networking solution for people living in a house with a weak WiFi signal and not wanting to deal with a complicated signal coverage plan.

Details of VSOL FTTH WiFi 6 Mesh Network Coverage Solution

A GPON ONT is the first stop at your home to turn the optic signal into an electrical signal.

VSOL dual band GPON ONT V2801RD is reliable to ensure your network security with the features of auto-detecting, auto-configuration, and auto firmware upgrade with a built-in firewall.

With the WiFi 6 AX1800 HGU router HG5051 integrated with the functions of modems and routers to serve users’ devices one-stop access, clients transition seamlessly to APs with the best service while moving through the home.

One WiFi 6 gateway on the network system acts as a Wi-Fi Mesh controller to determine the signal transmission and manages and coordinates other APs activity throughout the network.

VSOL Mesh Network Solution supports a seamless roaming function, automatically switching nodes based on signal strength.

Wondering about the deployment method of the FTTH WiFi 6 Mesh Network System? Read on to find out How to Set up Mesh WiFi Networks.

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