FTTH EasyMesh WiFi Full-Coverage Solution

FTTH EasyMesh WiFi Solution

People live with phones nowadays and it is normal to use WiFi for Internet assess. WiFi is everywhere but how to guarantee it exists in the whole home to make sure the smart devices with a stable signal all the time?

VSOL WiFi Mesh Network that combines with at least two mesh routers can be simply deployed to make an ideal FTTH network solution to broaden the WiFi coverage and have no dead spots.

The technology brings flexibility for users and service providers and is common for home deployment.

The WiFi mesh network system is operated by one Internet access point offered by a service provider with its mesh networking protocol. It means the whole network device system must adapt to the new ISP.

EasyMesh routers that support the IEEE 1905.1 protocol have appeared to provide the solution.

WiFi EasyMesh defines the protocol used in the communication between intra-APs of the smart and self-forming network and achieves interoperability between different ISPs.

EasyMesh network has one controller to manage the other routers with the EasyMesh function. Agents can communicate with each other and decide the optimal dispatch method to the smart devices.

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