EPON/GPON MDU in Government-Enterprise Gateway Access


V-SOL EPON/GPON MDU ICT3310D-4G4S has gained plenty of popularity since it was launched. What makes it different from other general ONUs? What scenarios does it apply to?

The xPON MDU supports dual modes of EPON and GPON. There are 4GE ports that can connect to PCs and 4 POTS designed for IP phones. The USB 3.0 port is provided for printer and storage. The device supports the firewall based on MAC/ACL/URL. The PON uplink port connects to OLT. With multiple services integrated, It’s suitable for enterprises and their branches. Why? Read on to learn about market development and user demands for this EPON/GPON MDU ONU with integrated services!

Part I. What’s the market development?

Enterprise communication improves enterprise communication efficiency, promises enterprise information security and promotes enterprise informationalization construction. Phone or video meetings are the main methods of communication. Besides, email, network security software and enterprise websites are the most adopted products in enterprises. Therefore, the demand for integrated access services including data access, network security, and intelligent management is increasing.

From PBX, router and IP phones to optical fiber access, firewall and call center, government-enterprise communication is becoming more and more diversified and complicated. In addition to efficiency, the users also require device maintenance and management. Without a professional maintenance team, how do the users who lack device maintenance capability improve security, virus protection, and Internet attack preservation? How does it achieve voice demands such as IVR, SIP, GW, etc. and provide bandwidth and voice service uniquely?

Such kind of requirements from government and enterprise bring operators huge business opportunities. Because they own rich network resources and technical advantages, which conducts to providing integrated services according to different telecommunication needs.

Part II. What access functions do enterprises need?

● Internet: There is Internet access, 3G wireless broadband access, IPSec VPN, QoS control
● VoIP: It includes basic and advanced phone system services.
● Security: Visit control, content virus anti-attack, invasion test
● Maintainance and Management

Part III. Solution of Government-Enterprise Gateway xPON MDU

1. Network Deployment

The xPON MDU replaces multiple devices such as the traditional router, switch, firewall, SSL VPN, WLAN, and IP PBX, which reduces IT and management costs and is greatly applied in enterprises, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. As the routing device of the enterprise network, the EPON/GPON MDU is generally deployed at the export of the internal network to work as the user gateway of the inner enterprise and access to the ISP network through PON.

2. Security Acess Solution

The ONU also provides complete security protection and remote VPN access services via firewall and VPN. The ONU firewall can set up rules of, address limit, service limit, etc. to avoid DDoS attacks and block the malicious IP address. The xPON MDU provides a point-to-point VPN and supports many protocols such as IPSec/PPTP/L2TP.

3. Network Behavior Management

The behavior management system of the ONU can bring a comprehensive and detailed Internet solution. It brings users commercial value in management network broadband, secures content, improves production efficiency and evades law risk.

● Manage Network Bandwidth

xPON MDU network behavior management records all network actions, analyzes them, and forms them into the report. Users can directly learn what kind of people and services take up the bandwidth resources of WAN with the graphical data and table. Through learning network usage, managers can develop the most fitting strategy for network visits on their own.

● Guarantee Content Security

The ONU enables to addition of a black or white list when setting the network. Users can revise the blocked URL in URL stock. Through the interception, users’ visits to bad web pages can be reduced.

● Evade Legal Risks

When the staff’s improper actions breach the laws, users can find related records in the network behavior management of the ONU as evidence.

As the government-enterprise gateway ONU, the EPON MDU/GPON MDU is the PON gateway designed for medium and small enterprises. It supports routing, switching, and security management, which integrates ONU, routing, VoIP, and other functions in one. Services can be automatically delivered through an optical fiber. It meets various information requirements such as enterprise communication, business, and entertainment.

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