Congratulations on V-SOL’s Establishment for 15 Years!


On April 9th, 2022, V-SOL has been established for 15 years. The past 15 years have witnessed the members’ hard work and the company’s excellent performance. In order to express the thankfulness to the employees, the company held the 15th anniversary with the theme of “Be united as one to tackle challenges and reach a new height”.

If the activities of the 15th anniversary are seen as a documentary film, the film can be divided into 3 clips. Let’s review them together!

1. Share the past V-SOL stories

At the beginning of the event, a notice was sent to all V-SOL members to collect articles and photos talking about their stories with the company, which contributes to helping the employees look back on the past and the efforts that they have paid together. After a fair and reasonable evaluation by the selection team, 3 first prizes, 5 second prizes and 7 third prizes were finally selected for the activity. From the articles and photos, we can find that “Be united as one to tackle challenges and reach a new height” is not a slogan hanging on the lips, but the V-SOL’s 15-year determination and perseverance.

2. Light the future
When you drink from the stream, you remember the source. V-SOL was created in the Building 2 of the National Science and Technology Park of South China University of Technology. Therefore, at the moment of 15th anniversary, the leadership divided into two groups returned to the places where the dream began. One group headed by the CEO Welming Chen ran from SCUT to Creativity, Huangpu District. The manager Mr. Deng led the other group from Dingxing Wisdom Valley, Qirui Technology Park and Jitang Industrial Park to the Creative Building and gathered with the groups.

It’s sunny and windy. On the runway, the torchbearer held the fire of hope and led the members with vigor all the way to the next station, passing the torch and the spirit of V-SOL. Finally, the two groups of people ran around the Creative Building, drawing a successful conclusion to the 15-kilometer running relay.

Starting from the root is to be better moving forward and the torch handover is to gather more and more power. All people take the express train of the times to meet at “V-SOL Station”. Guided forward under the light of the fire, all members witness the development and growth of V-SOL along the way and look forward to a bright future together!

3. Strive for the new roadmap
After reading the gripping stories, recalling the unforgettable memories, and retracing the ever-changing development path, the team went to the Red Castle Seafood Restaurant for dinner. The company prepared sumptuous dishes and mellow wines. Drinking and chatting, everyone had a great time!

● Sing the company song together

Before the luncheon, the V-SOL members sang the company song with enthusiasm. The wonderful melody sounded in the hall of Red Castle banquet. Suddenly, the emotional resonance stirred in everyone’s heart. All employees celebrated the company’s 15th birthday with laughter!

● Knowledge quiz

After singing, Ms. Deng, the secretary of the board of directors and the manager of the administration department, presided over the knowledge quiz session. Facing the questions of the host, the members under the seat were active and raised their hands to answer.

● Award ceremony

When the knowledge quiz was over, it was followed by the exciting awarding session. Welming Chen and Mr. Rao presented the award to those who won the first, second and third prizes for the articles and photos. The award is not only an affirmation of the work of the winners but also a recognition and encouragement for the unremitting efforts and outstanding performance of all V-SOL members!

● Welming Chen’s speech

Accompanied by thunderous applause, Welming Chen came to the stage to give a speech, reviewing the company’s development history and looking forward to the future blueprint. In addition, Mr. Chen addressed that at the moment of severe epidemic, the risks and challenges are increasing. All departments should stand together regardless of situation and support each other’s work. With being down-to-earth, everyone should move forward step by step, releasing the potential and energy of the company and overcoming obstacles on the road of development and innovation.

However difficult it might seem, the challenge will be overcome. The V-SOL members are working for the new target. At last, let’s congratulate V-SOL once again and may the company flourish and prosper!

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