What is Triple-play Service?


Part I. What is triple-play service?

Triple-play refers to a business that provides three services: high-speed Internet, television (on-demand video and general broadcast), and telephone service and network infrastructure over a single broadband connection.

Triple-play service is a bundled business model that combines voice, data and video services. It can not only meet the user’s demand for data service but also reach the requirements for high-end services. The most critical of the Triple-play service is the video service which focuses on IPTV. ISP enables users to enjoy preferential tariffs by providing service bundles including video.

Part II. How does triple-play service work in a single-mode fiber?

Triple play is a convergence of telecommunication networks, broadcast television networks and the Internet. Only one of the three networks is introduced to realize the functions of TV, Internet and telephone, and the network resources will be fully utilized.

Triple-play service is achieved through an ideal low-cost FTTH or FTTB access solution. The ethernet switch provides downlink optical ports and CATV optical signal output ports, connecting to ONU which is placed at user’s home. The switch can offer a variety of network management methods, adopting standard RS-232 interface, Web browser, command line interface (CLI) and network management platform based on Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). System administrators can easily configure features, monitor performance, and troubleshoot switches.

Part III. What is the FTTH Triple-play solution?

As a comprehensive access method, FTTH provides high bandwidth and QoS quarantee, carrying various services including Ethernet/IP, voice, and video surveillance to meet the needs of triple-play.

Data service: FTTH can provide more than 30M bandwidth, which can meet the needs of Ethernet/IP-based data services for a long period of time, such as Internet access, P2P, file download, online games and other services and applications.

Voice service: FTTH system can provide voice service, including softswitch telephone voice (and various value-added services) using VoIP and traditional telephone using 64kbit/s circuit emulation. From the perspective of technological development, the softswitch mode will become the implementation mode that FTTH must support.

CATV business: It includes digital cable TV and high-definition cable TV. The effective occupancy rate of GPON bandwidth can greatly improve the occupancy rate of video image upstream bandwidth and provide a higher video image terminal downstream bandwidth at the same time. It mainly provides voice, data and video services for public customers. For commercial customers, voice, data and monitoring services are the major.

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