How to Get started with the 5G Indoor CPE (User Manual)


In this article, we will show you get started with your V-SOL 5G indoor CPE XHC5151——CPE Quick Start Guide. Now, follow the below steps!

1. Preparation for setting up

Firstly, a valid nano-SIM card should be ready.


You can acquire the default information by checking the label on the device to finish the preparation of the 5G CPE setup.

2. Insert the nano-SIM card

Then, you can open the slot cover at the bottom of the device and insert the nano-IM card into it.

3. Power on the Device

Connect the power adapter to your device and then your device will be powered on. Then, it will connect to the Internet automatically.

4. Access the Internet

● WiFi: Get the default SSID and password on the label as mentioned above. Connect your mobile device to the WiFi network to access the Internet.

● Network cable(RJ45): Connect with the computer via LAN ports and then access the Internet.

5. Change the Device Settings

The device settings can be changed by logging into the 5G CPE configuration WEB page.

  • Get the default Device Manager Website IP address and Password.
  • Launch the Internet browser and enter the Device Manager Website IP address in the address bar.
  • Input the password and then click Login.
  • You can change the WiFi SSIP, password or other settings on the WEB page.

6. Internet WiFi Function

Your device supports the Internet Wi-Fi function and you can use this function to extend your existing Wi-Fi network.

– Log in to the 5G CPE configuration page.

– Select Wi-Fi Settings > Internet Wi-Fi.

– Set the Internet Wi-Fi Switch to Enable, and click Apply.

– Connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot.

The following two methods are for your reference.

  • Select a Wi-Fi hotspot listed in the Wi-Fi Hotspot area and click Connect Enter a password in the Password text box and click Yes.
  • Click Add Network, enter the Wi-Fi hotspot information in the Add Wi-Fi Hotspot area and click Apply. Click the Wi-Fi hotspot you have added and then click Connect.

– After the device is connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot successfully, you can access the Internet.

7. Bridge Mode

Your device supports the bridge mode and you can use this service from your service provider to access the Internet.

● Ensure that your device can connect to the Internet by using your nano-SIM card automatically.

● Log in to the 5G CPE configuration web page.

● Change the operation mode to Bridge Mode. The device will be restarted automatically.

NOTE: Please disconnect from the Internet first and then you can change the mode.

● The first client connected to your device will obtain the IP address from the WAN DHCP host and connect to the Internet directly.

NOTE: The other clients cannot access the Internet. You can use those clients to log in to the 5G CPE configuration web page.

8. Cable Broadband Mode

Your device supports the cable broadband mode and you can use this service from your service provider to access the Internet.

  • Connect either of the two LAN ports and the broadband service network port with a network cable.
  • Log in to the 5G CPE configuration web page.
  • Change the operation mode to Cable Broadband Mode.


Please disconnect from the Internet first and then you can change the mode.● Set the detailed parameters given by your service provider.
● Use your clients to access the Internet.

9. Telephone

Your device supports the telephone function. Before using the telephone function, connect the telephone and insert the nano-SIM card.

To make a call:

● Pick up the handset.
● Dial the telephone number.
● Wait for the call to be connected.

10. WPS

Your device supports the WPS function. You can use this function to connect a client to your device.

● Press the WPS button on your device to activate the WPS function. The WiFi indicator is blinking.
● Enable the WPS function on your client.
● Follow the system prompts on your client to establish the connection.

Is there anything you would like to learn about 5G indoor CPE except how to set up a CPE? Comment below to let us know!

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