PON Network Solution in Shopping Mall

Overall PON Solution for Shopping Mall

This solution is to upgrade the mall PON network and provide specific solutions for wireless WIFI coverage and video surveillance access in malls.

Why Should Malls Make an Upgrade to PON Network?

Traditional shopping mall network shortcomings: A very large number of cables with high cost, and hard to maintain

WiFi network: unstable data transmission with bad network experience

Monitoring System: low bandwidth that affects access speed and fluency, separate cable extraction that increases deployment difficulty and cost

Details for PON Network Solution

ONU+ONT is a Layer 2 Optical Network Architecture

ONUs are deployed on the user side of each scenario to support diverse terminal access.

The core switch deploys a business management application system to manage the network environment and ensure network security.

Advantages of PON Network Solution for Shopping Malls

With a 2.5Gbps downlink of GPON, people can have a high-speed network experience

Coverage with a long distance of up to 20 kilometers

ONU with POE power supply that simplifies the network cabling

Wireless WiFi Coverage in Shopping Mall

Why Should Shopping Malls Make a Wireless WiFi Coverage?

The shopping mall with a large venue, many floors, and a large flow of people makes the network environment complex.

Data transmission in scenes such as underground parking lots is unstable and the network experience cannot be guaranteed because of the weak signal.

Details of Wireless WiFi Coverage

ONU is deployed in various application scenarios to obtain wireless AP data

Layer 3 switches deploy wifi application management systems and AC management to ensure network security

Advantages of Wireless WiFi Coverage

With AP+AC, the management is more convenient

ONU comes with POE, simplifying network cabling

Deploy a WIFI application management system at the exit to ensure network security

Shopping Mall Video Surveillance Access

Why Should Shopping Mall to Make a Video Surveillance Access

Traditional shopping mall surveillance solution: low camera bandwidth, low picture clarity, inconvenient monitoring, and management.

ONU without POE power supply function: separate wires need to be drawn for power, limited deployment points, unable to form a monitoring system.

Advantages of Shopping Mall Video Surveillance Access

ONU is deployed in scenarios where video surveillance is required (shopping mall entrances and exits, underground car parks, etc.).

The POE function supplies power to the cameras which simplifies installation and deployment

The monitoring room is connected to a layer 3 switch to aggregate video data.

Advantages of Video Surveillance Access

With a 1.25Gbps uplink of GPON, the system can achieve high-speed video return

Fiber coverage with up to 20 km long distance without trunking

ONU with PoE that simplifies network cabling

Real-time monitoring which is easy for emergency handling

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