Enterprise Security Monitoring Solution

Enterprise Security Monitoring Solution

Project Background

Enterprise security monitoring systems are related to the security of enterprise property and intellectual property security, making it a top priority.

However, the existing enterprise security monitoring program has the following shortcomings:

Low bandwidth for video surveillance, resulting in lagging surveillance images and low clarity.

Monitoring equipment is inconvenient to get electricity, and deploying wires will cost a lot of money.

Multiple terminal devices are deployed in different places, making managing inconvenient.

Details of VSOL Security Monitoring Solution

The switch with POE feature supports a power supply to keep end devices running.

With Gigabit access, the monitor device can return smooth high-definition video and the frame switching is fluent.

Easy device management with one click away.

Advantages of VSOL Security Monitoring Solution

The POE power supply feature can save users a significant cost in deploying power lines.

Monitoring video transmission rate is fast while the picture quality is clear without lagging.

Enterprise security monitoring system to minimize accidental losses of enterprises.

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