1550nm External Optical Transmitter V8610TE

1550nm External Modulated Optical Transmitter

Model: V8610TE

 Product introduction

The V8610TE external modulated 1550nm transmitter is designed for HFC network applications. It can optionally be equipped with an integrated EDFA for CATV applications such as super-trunk, hub Interconnects, and video overlays In FTTx networks.
The unit is available in a standard 19”,1 rack unit chassis, with dual optical output, and optional ITU-T wavelength for DWDM networks.

Interface Description
Port TypeFunction
LED IndicationDisplay device operating status
LCD IndicationDisplay device operating status
Operation buttonsOperating the device
 Technical parameters
DescriptionUnitValueConditions / Notes
Optical Specifications
Laser Type Cooled DFB LD with isolator 
Optical Wavelengthnm1555 ± 5 
Connector Type SC/APC
Laser RIN Noise DensitydB/Hz≥-160 
Optical PowerdBm≤7 / 9 (Optional) 
Optical Output Port 2 
SBS Suppression ThresholddBm13、16、18 optional 
RF Specifications
Operating BandwidthMHz45 to 870 
RF Input ImpedanceΩ75unbalanced
RF Input Return LossdB≤-16 
RF Input LeveldBµV/ch15 to 25 (80 dBµV/ch nominal value @ 77 NTSC channels loading) 
CNRdB52 (typical)Link budget is defined by output power to 0 dBm optical input at receiver under 65km fiber link + EDFA、SBS setting=16dBm test conditions.
CSOdBc≤ -65 @ Port1
≤ -63 @ Port2
CTBdBc≤ -65 dBc
XMdB≤ -65 dB
OMI 3% ± 0.25 
FlatnessdB≤± 0.75 
Connector Type F type female 
Test Point dB-10 ± 1Relative to RF input power to laser @59CH PAL-D CW loading
General Specifications
Control Interface RS485       or Ethernet 
Power Supply 90 to 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 100W(Max.) 
Operating Temperature0 to +50 
Storage Temperature-20 to +60 
Operating Humidity%85% Max 
Dimensions: (HxWxD)mm49 x 480 x 350

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