1550nm Directly Modulated Optical Transmitter
1550nm Directly Modulated Optical Transmitter

1550nm Directly Modulated Optical Transmitter

Model: V8610TD

 Product introduction

V8610TD is a high-performance forward path transmitter. 19-inch rack mount structure, high linearity and low noise 1550mm DFB laser, and state of the RF control circuits, pre-distortion, make V8610TD a desirable choice for metro HFC network.

V8610TD uses 1550nm DFB laser with high linearity and low noise. Pre-distortion circuit improves the performance and stability of the DFB laser. AGC/ATC mechanism protects the laser and ensures the performance and stability module and feedback to the intelligent system platform. This ensures the laser works at normal status and high performance. If the laser operating parameter is out of specification that is set by software, it will set off the laser’s power supply, and display the information on the front panel LCD.

Interface Description
Port TypeFunction
LED IndicationDisplay device operating status
LCD IndicationDisplay device operating status
Operation buttonsOperating the device
 Technical parameters
Description UnitvalueNotes
Optical specifications
Optical wavelengthnm1555±20
Laser TypeCooled DFB LD
Optical PowerdBm10
LD RINdB/Hz≥-160
Connect typeSC/APCFC/APC(option)
RF specifications(
Operating bandwidthMHz45~870/1000
RF Input ImpedanceΩ75
input Return LossdB≥1645550 MHz
RF Input LeveldBmV/Ch80±5@59CH  PAL-D CW loading
Test Point dBuv≥70 
Connector TypeF type femaleF type male option
CNR51dB(typical)59CH PAL-D CW loading, PHOTON standard Reciever,10km optical fiber , -1dBm optical input power, 80 dB V input level at 870MHz, 3.6% OMI
CSO≤-57 dBc
Control Interface    RJ45
Power supply    90~260VAC 50/60Hz
Power consumptionW30MAX
Dimension L x W x Hmm483x450x44Box:530x500x100
Operating Temperature0~+50
Storage Temperature-25~+65
Storage HumidityPH%5%~95%MaxNo Condensation
weightKgNet :2.8Gorss:3.8

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