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Model: V1600GS
Spec: 1*GPON, 2*RJ45+1*SFP/SFP+
Weight: 1.07kg

Industry Leading Single Port GPON OLT

Suitable for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

Industry Leading Single Port GPON OLT V1600GS

High-Speed Fiber Optic Coverage

Gigabit optical fiber covers the enterprise parks and the ultra-fast WiFi covers every corner.

V1600GS PON Port Split Ratio 1:128, 2 km Farthest transmission Distance, 1.25/2.5 Gbps Uplink & Downlink Bandwidth

Lightweight with High Performance

V1600GS with 1 GPON Port, Realtek+Broadcom Chipset Solution

Easy Installation Saves Investment

V1600GS is Easy Installation Saves Investment

Centralized Management and Plug & Play

V1600GS Centralized Management and Plug & Play

POL Network of Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

It applies to FTTH, SOHO, small business offices, and other flexible application scenarios.

V1600GS POL Network of Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

Rental Housing Network Renovation

Suitable for rental housing network renovation, able to adapt to different environments and needs.

V1600GS applies in Rental Housing Network Renovation

V1600GS Single Pon GPON OLT
Uplink Port
GPON Port SpecificationQTY1
Fiber Type9/125μm SM
ConnectorSC/UPC, Class C++/C+++
GPON port speedUpstream 1.244Gbps
Downstream 2.488Gbps
WavelengthTX 1490nm, RX 1310nm
Max splitting ratio1:128
Transmission Distance20KM
Management Ports1*CONSOLE port
Backplane Bandwidth (Gbps)16
Port Forwarding Rate(Mpps)23.808
Management ModeConsole/WEB/Telnet/CLI
Protection Level
Power supply4KV
Device Interface1KV

V1600GS-OLT Ordering Info

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