V-SOL Presented SYSCOM EXPO 2022


SYSCOM EXPO 2022, organized by SYSCOM, was successfully held in Guadalajara, Mexico, from 24 to 25 May 2022, bringing together a wide range of manufacturers for product demonstrations and technical seminars of different brands.

SYSCOM is the strategic partner of V-SOL in Mexico and is a large international distributor and leader in communications equipment in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. As a leading international manufacturer of all-optical access terminal products, V-SOL is showcasing V2802GW, HG323RGWT, V2801SG, HG323DAC, 4/8/16-port OLT and other hot-selling models in this exhibition. V-SOL’s product solutions are equipped with different functions of ONU and OLT to meet customers’ needs for different scenarios such as voice, video and WiFi network, making the light-speed broadband experience within reach. During the exhibition, the application scenarios and technical seminar forums set up by V-SOL attracted industry visitors and business consultation and negotiation, which were highly evaluated by industry insiders. 

As a leading brand and manufacturer of communication network access products, V-SOL joins hands with SYSCOM to provide reliable products and customized solutions to customers in South America. We also look forward to working with more quality customers and winning more customers to use V-SOL products. By participating in international exhibitions, the family of V-SOL will work together with our partners to achieve the beautiful vision of giving the world full access to the network and adding bricks to the new era of Internet of Everything.

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