V-SOL Presented ESS+ 2023


Together with our strategic partner SYSCOM, VSOL exhibited at ESS+ 2023 in Colombia from August 16th to 18th, presenting the latest innovations in the field of communications, which was highly appreciated by visitors.

As one of the highest level communication industry exhibitions in Colombia, ESS+ provided an excellent platform for VSOL to shine in new product solutions such as XG(S)-PON, 10G EPON. Attendees highly appreciated our deep accumulation and rich practical experience in the communication field.

HG3110AX, an innovative 10G EPON/XG(S)-PON ONT that responds to the demand for high-bandwidth network utilization, received extremely high feedback. It uses the most advanced WiFi 6 technology to support more connected devices at the same time. With a ate of up to 3Gbps and equipped with the latest 2.5GbE interface, it can easily cope with high-bandwidth demands such as HD and 8k video, provide high-speed network support for smart home devices, and reserve sufficient bandwidth for users’ future network needs.It can also provide VoIP service to reduce telecom costs by more than 50%.

In addition to showcasing our own technology and products, we also had extensive exchanges and negotiations with many customers and peers, gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs and industry problems, and providing more targeted solutions and support.

The exhibition not only fully demonstrated VSOL’s strong strength in the field of communication, but also laid a solid foundation for new future development, VSOL will continue to insist on providing quality products and services, and move forward on the path of contributing to the development of the industry with technological innovation.

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