VSOL Presented CIOE 2023


From 6 to 9 September 2023, CIOE 2023 was held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. As a leading company in the field of communications, VSOL once again attracted the attention of the industry with our high level of professionalism and innovation.

After in-depth technical research and continuous innovation, VSOL displayed many advanced communication products at this exhibition, including the newly developed XG(S)-PON, 10G-EPON product series, WiFi6 router, CPE. VSOL has achieved technological breakthroughs and innovations, providing users with high-speed and stable network connectivity solutions that are expected to be widely used in broadband access, data centres, smart homes and other scenarios.

In addition, the booth design is bold and innovative, and the highly technological and futuristic colors are particularly eye-catching, attracting the audience to stop and watch. The booth was divided into major areas by application scenarios, utilized multimedia and a large number of audio-visual interactive design, combined with innovative experience areas, effectively integrating exhibits and solutions, presenting a unique immersive viewing experience.

VSOL always adheres to the core of technological innovation and supports the world’s development with innovative technology. We will further strengthen communication and exchange with partners, customers and industry experts to provide more high-quality and efficient communication solutions to global users, and continue to promote the development and progress of the communication industry.

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We R&D, manufacture, and sell optical communication access systems and terminal equipment. Now we've taken the lead in launching a number of original products in the industry, mainly including ONU/ONT, OLT, VoIP gateways, and other network access products, which are designed to meet the needs of telecom operators. We're committed to helping broadband users worldwide enjoy an ultra-high-speed network!

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