Congratulations to V-SOL on Passing Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certificate


On March 1-2, 2022, Guangdong Quality Testing CTC Certification Co., Ltd. visited V-SOL to review the company’s occupational health and safety management system. After a comprehensive review, the experts unanimously affirmed that the company’s production complies with the Occupation Health and Safety Management System Certificate(OHSMS) standards and operates effectively. Therefore, V-SOL passed the audit and certification of OHSMS.

OHSMS is another management system that attracts the attention of countries around the world after the quality management system and the environmental management system. It aims to standardize the occupational health and safety management behavior of the organization and promote the organization to set up OHSMS based on the management standards formulated by modern management science theories. According to laws, regulations, and external requirements, it’s set up for regulating its own occupational health and safety behavior, preventing and controlling occupational health and safety.

The certification suggests that V-SOL has reached the international level in occupational health and safety management. In the future, V-SOL will continue to comprehensively deepen the enterprise management system, create a safer and healthier working environment for employees, ensure the health and safety of employees, fulfill the Corporate social responsibility, create better products and services for customers, use scientific management methods and pragmatic work attitudes to achieve goals like high-quality products, safe production, environmental protection, resource conservation, etc., fulfill corporate social responsibility, and achieve enterprise’s sustainable development.

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