VSOL V3600G1 is a new 8-Port XG(S)-PON (SFP+) OLT for new fiber optic communication networks.

V3600G1 offers a wide range of connectivity options with its abundant ports. It boasts 1GE (RJ45), 425GE (SFP28), and 2100GE (QSFP28) upstream ports, enabling seamless transmission of data at full line speed. Additionally, it grants access to 8XG(S)-PON downstream interfaces, allowing users to connect their ONT devices with a maximum splitting ratio of 1:256.

V3600G1-OLT Display

Part I. Main Product Features of V3600G1

The V3600G1 features a high-performance chipset solution, resulting in very strong performance.

1. Layer 2 Switch Features:

  • 32K Mac address.
  • Support 4096 VLANs.
  • Support port VLAN.
  • Support VLAN tag/Un-tag, VLAN tra10nsparent transmission.
  • Support VLAN translation and QinQ.
  • Support storm control based on port.
  • Support port isolation.
  • Support port rate limitation.
  • Support 802.1D and 802.1W.
  • Support static LACP and dynamic LACP.
  • QoS based on port, VID, TOS, and MAC address.
  • Access control list.
  • IEEE802.x flow-control.
  • Port stability statistics and monitoring.

2. Layer 3 Route Features:

  • ARP proxy.
  • 4096 hardware Host Routes,512 hardware Subnet Routes.
  • Support Radius, Tacacs+
  • Support IP source guard.
  • Support static route, dynamic route RIP v1/v2, RIPng and OSPF v2/v3.

3. PON Function:

  • x-GEM traffic.
  • Conforms to ITU-T G.9807 (XGS-PON) and ITU-T G.987 (XG-PON).
  • Transmission distance up to 20 kilometers.
  • Supports data encryption, multicast, port VLAN, separation, RSTP, etc.
  • Supports ONT auto-discovery/link detection/software remote upgrade.
  • Supports VLAN segmentation and user separation to avoid broadcasting wind.
  • Supports power failure alarm function for easy detection of link problems.
  • Supports broadcast storm suppression – Supports port isolation between different ports.
  • Supports ACL and SNMP for flexible configuration of packet filtering.
  • Unique hardware and software design to prevent system failures and ensure stable system operation.
  • Supports RSTP and IGMP Proxy.
V3600G1-OLT High Integration

Part II. V3600G1 in GPON Upgrade to 10G-GPON Deployment Solution

The traditional way of upgrading GPON to 10G-GPON is to use an external WDM1r solution.

GPON Upgrades to 10G-GPON External WDM1r Solution

GPON Upgrades to 10G-GPON External WDM1r Solution

But this solution has several disadvantages.

  1. External WDM1r multiplexers need to be installed in the racks of the access network room, which requires limited space.
  2. The additional 1-1.5 dBm optical power loss may lead to under-budgeting of the link optical power.
  3. ODF fiber routing needs to be re-planned, which makes the project more difficult.

To solve these problems, VSOL is launching a Combo PON V3600G1-C solution that uses the V3600G1. This new solution is meant to replace the external WDM1r option.

10G GPON Combo PON V3600G1-C Solution


Combo-PON is through the three-in-one optical module, integrated GPON optical module, 10G PON optical module, and WDM1r combiner inside. In this way, whether the user side connects GPON ONT or 10G PON ONT, it can work, which is conducive to the upgrade transition.

GPON upgrades to 10G-GPON Combo PON V3600G1-C Solution

GPON upgrades to 10G-GPON Combo PON V3600G1-C Solution

Compared with the external WDM1r solution, adopting the Combo PON V3600G1-C solution can greatly reduce engineering difficulties, facilitate construction, and ensure rapid deployment. It will be the preferred deployment option for upgrading GPON to 10G-GPON.

Part III. Q&A

Q1: What is the port difference of V3600G1?

A1: V3600G1 provides 8 XG(S)-PON downstream interfaces with a maximum splitting ratio for 1:256 to access the user’s ONT.

Q2: What are the advantages of XG(S) PON OLT?

A2:  1. High Speed: XG(S)-PON OLT provides ultra-high speed broadband for seamless streaming, gaming, and high bandwidth applications.

2. Scalability: The solution is scalable to support many users, making it suitable for both small and large-scale deployments.

3. Flexibility: The XG(S)-PON OLT supports a variety of service types, including voice, data, and video, enabling service providers to diversify the services they offer to their customers.

4. Cost Effectiveness: XG(S)-PON OLT utilizes time division multiplexing and wavelength division multiplexing to optimize bandwidth allocation and reduce infrastructure costs.

5. Future-proof: Designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry, XG(S)-PON OLT delivers high capacity and compatibility with emerging technologies.

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