V-SOL Long-distance Running Activity: Fresh Start with Full of Vitality


On the ninth day of the New Year, V-SOL organized a long-distance running activity at 17:30 on the first day of regular work in 2022. V-SOL members and guests of honor who participated in long-distance running can freely choose 10KM running or walking. New journey, new progress, the exhaustion of the past has been covered up by the excitement from the New Year. Waiting for the next good start! Wish you all in good health and happiness. Run to the future together!  

Before the beginning of running, everyone changed into casual sports clothes, sneakers and wore red masks. Took a group photo for this activity and prepared for the warm-up. V-SOL’s men who temporarily gave up their urbane appearance turned into sportsmen. Vigorous posture, full of energy passion and powerful pace, they practiced the V-SOL concept of “happy work, healthy life” by footsteps and sweat.

Everybody freely formed the team according to their speed for moving along the Creative Building and Dingxing Wisdom Valley. They were divided into the fast running team, the slow running team and the walking team. During the 10-kilometer race, everyone held their heads high and ran vigorously towards the destination under the leadership of leaders! The walking team proved that they were still full of energy by their steady pace. 

Fast Running Team

Slow Running Team 

Walking Team 

Sports energy supply was here! The support staff set up a midpoint energy supply station for running members. There were bananas, oranges, Pocari, mineral water, cakes, bread and so on. The abundant food fully helped running members to recover their physical strength. After a short rest, they continued to run towards the destination. 

The long-distance running activity has become a brand culture activity of V-SOL. V-SOL also has held the running activity on Jan. It aimed to call on all members to participate in national fitness, strive to create a healthy, harmonious and civilized enterprise cultural atmosphere. Besides, it’s hoped that staff’s enthusiasm can be inspired and all will create better progress for the company in 2022 and reach another record height starts from this moment!

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