A Groundbreaking Ceremony was Held for the VSOL R&D and Production Headquarters Project!


On the morning of July 13, the groundbreaking ceremony of VSOL R&D and production headquarters project was successfully held in Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, aiming to build an important research and production centre in the field of domestic optical communication network access equipment.

This project has a planned total land area of 12,000 square metres and a total construction area of about 55,000 square metres. Upon completion, the production revenue is expected to exceed 1.2 billion yuan.

Chairman Welming Chen, founder of VSOL, and leading guests from relevant departments and enterprises witnessed the important moment of the project landing.

Mr Welming Chen, Chairman of the Board, said in his speech that the launch of the R&D and production headquarter project is a great event in the history of VSOL’s development. After the completion of the new project, VSOL will put an end to the history of three places of production and office, and better realise the synergistic production and office and industrial chain cluster development. The refreshed VSOL will work hard to become a leading brand in the field of communication access and write a new chapter from a new starting point.

Effect Picture of VSOL HQ

VSOL will open a new milestone of enterprise development with a brand-new attitude, create new glory, and make new contributions to the global communication access field.

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