V-SOL Fall Sports Meeting 2021


V-SOL autumn sports meeting has been organized in October for 1 month by the labor union and sport committee in this golden season. It aims to motivate, enhance spiritual civilization, build enterprise culture, enrich work and life and keep fitness for employees. All sports events were successfully completed under the full attention and enthusiastic participation of leaders and all employees.

This sports meeting was mainly divided into competition events and leisure events. Competitive events included badminton, basketball, table tennis and tug-of-war. Leisure events included 7.77 kilometers of long-distance running and bike riding.

Autumn sports meeting is one of the traditional activities held by S-VOL every year. It aims to advocate a scientific, civilized and healthy lifestyle. It also carries forward a concept of “happy work and healthy life” to improve the physical and mental health of our group.

The wonderful moments still be seen in our minds and the cheering of the cheerleaders still resound in our ears. Now let’s go back to this wonderful visual feast about vitality and competitive sports.

Basketball Game:

Badminton Game:


7.77 Kilometers Running:

Leisure cycling- Record Our Happy Moments:

In the end, all the results of competition events have been released after a series of exciting and fierce competitions. At the closing ceremony, Mr. Jiang Xiaomin who is our labor union chairman awarded medals to the winning teams and individuals.

Individual Awards:
1. Men’s Table Tennis 
Champion: Yachun (Manufacturing Center)
Runner-up: Xu Jianwen (R&D Center)
Second runner-up: Xie Boju (Manufacturing Center)

2. Women’s Table Tennis  
Champion: Chen Fengjun (R&D Center)
Runner-up: Wei Qionghui (R&D Center)
Second runner-up: Mai Yongshi (R&D Center)

Team Awards:
1. Tug-of-war Game
Champion: R&D Center Group A 

2. Basketball Game
Champion: Chuangyi Group A
Runner-up: Chuangyi Group B
Second runner-up: Manufacturing Center Group
Basketball Shooting Champion: Chuangyi Group

3. Badminton Game
Champion: Group 3
Runner-up: Group 2
Second runner-up: Group 1
Third Place: Group 4

Men’s Singles Ever-victorious General Award: Lai Xingui
Second Men’s DoublesEver-victorious General Award: Guo Jigang, Jin Yi
Women’s Singles Ever-victorious General Award: Lin Peina
Second Women’s Doubles Ever-victorious General Award: Wei Qionghui, Ye Liufang

Congratulations again! Whether win or not, all people have done their utmost. Thanks to all competitors who worked for this sports meeting!

Every exciting game was carefully planned and arranged by the sports committee. It showed the strong team strength from various departments and the unremitting spirit of V-SOL. They fought to strive for the champion during the game. Similarly, they still exert teamwork ability, maintain strong willpower and devote themselves to the goal of “higher, faster and stronger” after the game.

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