VSOL Presented CPSE 2023


CPSE 2023 was successfully concluded on October 25-28 at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, which gathered global famous enterprises to discuss the development trend of security products and technologies. VSOL, the industry’s leading security communication terminal provider, showed up with diversified network access products and a full range of POL solutions, exploring the business model and future trends of the security field in the digital era with industry partners.

During the exhibition, VSOL presented powerful products and solutions in the field of security communication from various angles. In addition, VSOL booth demonstrated the application scenarios of VSOL terminals in SMEs, commercial and rental properties with the networking effect of actual applications. Facing the needs of different customers for terminal applications, VSOL innovates in product size, broadband technology and scenarios, and has launched miniaturized single-port GPON OLT with built-in optical modules, as well as ONU and switches dedicated to PoE power supply, which provide new ideas for intelligent security innovation. The interesting display attracted many guests and customers to visit and experience, and the site was crowded with people and enthusiastic response.

As an expert in security communication terminals, VSOL has always been helping customers to realize security efficiently and conveniently. In the future, VSOL will continue to plough into the security communication industry scenarios, and empower more security applications such as smart parks, homes and campuses through product development and scenario-based solutions.

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