VSOL’s Bangladesh Agent Rasa Celebrated Engineers’ Day


On November 3, Welming Chen, President of VSOL, together and VSOL’s team arrived in Bangladesh to participate in the Engineers’ Day organized by the country’s agency Rasa.


At the event, Rasa set up a special booth in order to demonstrate VSOL’s three latest series of GPON/EPON OLT, WiFi6 ONU and switch products and their solutions to many customer representatives from the industry. In addition, they also set up a Q&A session where participants had the chance to win ONU, which not only increased the interactivity and interest of the event, but also enabled many industry insiders and customer representatives to have a more in-depth understanding of VSOL’s technology and products.

Apart from showcasing the latest technology and products, sports organized by RASA were also a highlight of the event. Participants were able to experience cricket matches and swimming to share the joy of sports. This interaction and competition provided a more relaxed and cordial communication environment, deepening the communication and trust between VSOL and our customers. This not only made the event more colorful, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

Through this event, VSOL together with RASA successfully demonstrated the latest products and their solutions, and deepened the communication and trust with customers in the interaction and competition. We believe that this event has not only laid a solid foundation for future cooperation, but also brought unforgettable experience and enjoyable time to the participants, VSOL, as always, supports and actively participates in the product promotion activities organized by our partners, and looks forward to cooperating with more partners to create a brighter future!

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