Heart to Heart, Grow Further—VSOL 2023 Annual Summary & 2024 New Year Gala


On January 28th, 2024, VSOL successfully held “Heart to Heart, Grow Further” New Year Gala in Soluxe Hotel Guangzhou.

2023 Annual Summary

At the beginning, Mr. Welming Chen, General Manager of VSOL, gave an opening speech. In 2023, with the spirit of doing our best and reaching new heights, we faced the uncertainties of the epidemic with unshakable confidence and made remarkable achievements. In 2024, we will make concerted efforts and do our best to promote the high-quality development of VSOL, enter a new level, and realize the great dream of becoming a global ONU leader in the world.

Afterwards, the R&D Center, Sales Center, Manufacturing Center and functional departments made a summary report of the work in 2023, which was elaborated in four aspects, namely work overview, achievements review, experience summary and development planning. Then, Mr. Chen made an annual summary of the company and a statement of the company’s work targets in 2024, putting forward “2 Full Efforts”, “2 Unswerving”, “2 Comprehensive”, “2 Comprehensive” and “2 Strengthened” key work. By drawing wisdom and strength from past experience, we will be able to better meet the challenges, both foreseeable and unpredictable, on our way to becoming a global ONU leader.

2023 Recognition Ceremony

In ten years, a seed can become a strong tree. Members who have been in VSOL for ten years have become more determined, and in them we see the power of time.

Standing on the podium, the outstanding members of the year gave a satisfying answer to 2023, and behind the honor are countless days and nights of hard work.

In the presence of more than 300 VSOL members, the management team held the oath in their left hands, raised their right fists and took a solemn oath. They promised to fulfill the expectations of our shareholders, meet the needs of our customers and society, and realize the common aspirations of all members.

Accompanied by drums and horns, members of the R&D Center and Sales Center made a “military order” to achieve the goal in the New Year with practical actions!

2024 New Year Gala

The annual theme of VSOL in 2023 is “Stay True to Our Mission”, the management team sing in a chorus to return to the beginnings of the early days of the business, the beginnings of the foreign trade, and the beginnings of the refined products.

Each department’s programs are a mix of song, dance, and performance show types, ranging from rewritten songs to interpretive sports performance shows to creative dances.

The gala also featured traditional cultural programs, creating an exciting and enjoyable cultural celebration for guests and VSOL members. As the Year of the Dragon approaches, we believe the Dragon Dance is like a magical performance that can bring good harvests and happiness.

On the occasion of the New Year Gala, we were presented with a precious ink inscription of VSOL’s mission, “Access the World”, which is an important responsibility and task engraved in the mind of every VSOL member.

Sichuan Opera Face Changing is a masterpiece of Chinese Sichuan Opera and a treasure of Chinese opera art. The performers changed their masks with beautiful patterns to change roles and express a variety of emotions, attracting the audience’s amazement and wonder.

The sand painting performance shows the unity and cooperation of VSOL members to create brilliance together in a special way. In the trend of global informatization, we have persevered with dedication and craftsmanship, contributing VSOL power to the global information connection and exchange.

The raffle was the highlight of the gala, and the names scrolling across the screen became the center of attention.

In the New Year, let’s uphold the belief of “Heart to Heart, Grow Further”, each person will do PB (Personal Best), the team will be able to do TB (Team Best), the company will be able to do CB (Company Best).

Last but not least, may VSOL members have a dragon-like rise and a bright future in the year of the dragon!

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