Congratulations! V-SOL was Awarded the Best Cooperative Brand in Business Intelligence


The 7th Intelligent Hardware Summit Forum hosted by Guangdong Tianbo Information Technology Co., Ltd. was held on December 28, 2021. V-SOL was awarded the plaque of “The Best Cooperative Brand for Commercial Intelligence in 2021″, which fully demonstrates V-SOL’s innovative breakthroughs and industry contributions in the field of intelligent communication.

The 7th Intelligence Hardware Forum 2021 gathered hundreds of representatives and business leaders from related industries. Major enterprises include Alibaba, Qualcomm, Gosuncn, Rockchip, SIMcom, SenseTime, Bianlifeng, Haixin, Terminus, China Unicom, etc. They brought wonderful speeches for scientific and technological thinking to participants. The forum awarded the plaque to support and encourage enterprises with outstanding contributions from multiple dimensions such as industry application, enterprise participation, technological innovation and product iteration. V-SOL has been focusing on the field of broadband access and being a craftsman enterprise in the industry. Its fifteen-year craftsmanship spirit profoundly interprets the culture of “concentration and professionalism”. As a leader in the communication industry, V-SOL is committed to creating the top intelligent technology products for the Internet of things. It has always adhered to intelligent data analysis and refined digital control. At present, V-SOL has reached higher R&D capabilities of intelligent wireless terminal products and technical capabilities of application solutions. This honor is well deserved!

In the process of China’s digital economy, V-SOL has always been working side by side with communication enterprises, exerting its advantages in scientific research, market and industrialization to the most for bringing a new value to China’s communication industry in the global digital and intelligent transformation. In the future, V-SOL will continue to deepen cooperation with related industries through the intelligent hardware platform, jointly promote the digitalization and industrialization of China’s PON products, empower network application technologies to related industries and create a new ecosystem for the intelligent hardware industry!

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