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On the morning of 24th August, Jiang Xiaomin, Vice General Manager of V-SOL and Chairman of the Trade Union, went to Shitan Town of Zengcheng District with the volunteers to participate in the “No loneliness under the sun, the stars light up your heart” school sponsorship activity, sending condolence money, school supplies, sporting goods and daily necessities to 11 students in need, lighting up their way with practical actions.

On behalf of V-SOL, Chairman Jiang Xiaomin extended his sincere condolences and good wishes to the students. He encouraged the students to study hard to get out of the predicament of lack of education and family constraints; to pay attention to the all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development; to set up ambitious ideals, achieve a wonderful life, and strive to be a useful person to society.

One student has two parents with disabilities and is usually taken care of by his grandfather. Under difficult conditions, she still maintains a positive and indomitable mentality, studying hard and achieving good results. Led by the social worker, Chairman Jiang Xiaomin and volunteers talked to her at her home to understand her living and studying conditions, encouraged her to study hard and get out of trouble, and donated an extra sum of money on behalf of V-SOL.

Over the years, while continuously developing, V-SOL has consciously fulfilled our social responsibility, being a caring enterprise and doing public welfare. We will continue to uphold our responsibility, steadfastly take the steps of public welfare to help disadvantaged groups, and contribute to society with our strength.

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