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By Damon Watson | 10 January 2022 | 0 Comments

What is OLT (Optical Line Terminal)?

Part I. What is OLT?

The full form of OLT is optical line terminal, which is a device used to connect the optical fiber and transfer signals. It makes a significant difference in PON (passive optical network).



1. For one thing, OLT connects to the switch of coverage level with cable and transfers into optical signals. For another thing, it connects to the optical splitter on the customer terminals with optical fiber.
2. Control, manage, measure the distance to customer terminal devices like ONU.
3. OLT is one of the devices on the service nodes in the access network. It completes the service access through the connection with corresponding service nodes devices via SNI port.



Part II. Components of OLT


OLT generally consists of:

1. Control board. Normally there are 2 boards involving main and backup boards on an OLT
2. DC power supply board
3. Fan unit. It's mainly used to dissipate heat and monitor the environment.
4. Service frame
5. Other uplink boards



Part III. Application of OLT


The OLT device coordinates with different types of ONU to achieve all kinds of access networks such as FTTC, FTTH, FTTO, FTTM, etc. According to different services, clients' demanding and regions, there are different strategies of the deployment.


Shown as the below image, it is an FTTH(Fiber to the Home) application of V-SOL EPON OLT device V1600D4-DP. The OLT connects to the management switch and ONU. There is a splitter between OLT and ONU. The whole PON can provide several families with multiple services like IPTV, VOIP, IP Camera, etc.
What is OLT

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