Why You Should Choose LTE CAT6 Router?


The LTE CAT6 CPE is becoming increasingly popular due to their exceptional internet speeds and reliability.

These routers offer blazing-fast download and upload speeds and allow you to connect multiple devices concurrently, so you don’t have to use a different cable for each device.

What is an LTE CAT6 Router?

LTE CAT (LTE UE-Category) refers to the 4GLTE network speed level supported by the user’s device, which can also be considered the technical standard for 4G network speed. In other words, LTE CAT6 means that the LTE network access capability level of the user device is level 6.

LTE CAT affects the upper limit of 4GLTE uplink and downlink network speeds, the maximum upload and download speeds the user equipment can achieve in general terms.

The upload of LTE CAT4 and LTE CAT6 is 50Mbps, but the download of LTE CAT4 is only 150Mbps, while the download of LTE CAT6 can reach 300Mbps.

So the LTE CAT6 Router means a 50Mbps upload and 300Mbps download router.

10 Reasons to Choose LTE CAT6 Router

1. Speed Advantage:

If you’re looking for a high-speed router, it’s worth considering an LTE CAT6 router over a traditional router. These routers have been professionally designed and can deliver faster speeds than regular routers.

LTE CAT6 Router Speed Advantage

2. Signal strength indication:

This router displays the signal strength of the 4G network in real-time, improving the efficiency of field management and maintenance.

3. Real-time traffic control:

Able to manage according to the type of network protocols, by the pre-customized bandwidth allocation mode, when connecting multiple devices at the same time, it ensures that the wireless transmission of each device within the network is as unaffected as possible, making the application of multi-device wireless data transmission made simpler and more efficient.

4. Wider signal coverage:

They offer a better range than regular ones. They also work much more reliably than older models. Furthermore, they can support multiple devices currently, so you won’t need to worry about any network issues. Full Gigabit Ports, Enjoy High Speed.

5. Processing speed:

Built-in FLASH and processor frequency have been significantly improved, can effectively eliminate the loss of massive data packets, and are more efficient and stable for huge data transmission occasions.

6. WiFi function:

WiFi transmission speed from 50Mbps to 150Mbps, WiFi support AP, CLIENT, relay, relay bridging, etc., the Department of Industrial WiFi application of the top configuration. 3x faster speeds for more complex wireless transmissions.

7. Built-in RTC:

Support for timing up and down, better customized according to the customer’s application up and down strategy, minimize power consumption.

8. Multiple VPN linking methods:

By providing support for PPTP, L2TP, and IPSec servers in addition to the original one, the deployment program for network security applications has become more flexible, offering more selection choices.

9. More Reliable Connectivity:

Another advantage of choosing an LTE CAT6 router is that it provides a more reliable connection. It means that you won’t experience any connection interruptions. You might not realize much distinction between utilizing an LTE CAT6 router and a router with WLAN. However, if you regularly connect to networks outside of your home, then you’ll benefit from faster connection speeds.

LTE CAT6 Router Provide Reliable Connectivity

10. Lower Cost:

One of the main advantages of choosing an LTE CAT6 router is the lower cost compared to other options. It also offers better performance than older routers. These routers are capable of delivering speeds of up to 1 Gbps. It makes them ideal for high-speed applications such as gaming and downloading large files.

Applications of LTE CAT6 Router

Home Internet: 

The LTE CAT6 router has a primary or backup Internet connection at home, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity for all your devices. Like VSOL officially presented a high-performance indoor 4G LTE CPE Router XMC1842.

Small Business:

Small businesses can benefit from LTE CAT6 Routers as a cost-effective solution for setting up internet connectivity in their offices or remote locations.

Outdoor Events:

LTE CAT6 Routers are ideal for providing high-speed internet access at outdoor events, such as music festivals, sports tournaments, and exhibitions.

Temporary Deployments:

In cases where a temporary Internet connection is required, such as police, fire departments, ambulance services, construction sites, or disaster relief operations, LTE CAT6 Routers can offer quick and reliable connectivity.

Rural Areas and Remote Locations:

LTE CAT6 Routers expand internet access possibilities in rural areas and remote locations where wired connections may be limited or unavailable.

Public WiFi Hotspots: 

The LTE CAT6 Router can create a public WiFi hotspot in cafes, hotels, or other communal areas to deliver speedy and dependable Internet service.

LTE CAT6 CPE Public WiFi Hotspots


Whether you work from home, run a small business, telecommute, provide emergency services, or organize events, the LTE CAT6 Router has you covered. Say goodbye to sluggish connections and hello to lightning-fast internet speeds. Don’t miss the opportunity to power up your Internet experience with an LTE CAT6 Router!

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