[2024]What is CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) in Networking?


Part I. What is CPE in networking?

CPE refers to customer premises equipment in networking. It is a device installed at the customers’ terminals, applied in transferring wireless signals or wired signals into LAN signals for terminal devices’ use. You can consider the CPE as the combination of router and MiFi. Moreover, what makes CPE different is that it can repeat the mobile signals like 4G signals once again and issue the WiFi signals.


Advantages of secondary signal repeating:

① The CPE antenna has stronger gain and higher power. Its signal transmission and reception capabilities are matched by mobile phones, which means that CPE may not have the problem that the mobile phone cannot find the signal.

② CPE can convert 4G/5G signals into WiFi signals to provide hardware devices for networking. It also supports multiple devices to access the Internet at the same time.

③ CPE can be used by inserting a SIM card without wiring and it’s really easy to install. Needless to say, CPE can be used anytime and anywhere for family users. Moreover, the industrial CPE has a variety of installation methods, such as ceiling-mounted, pole-mounted installation and so on, which can be flexibly installed in high areas and different scenes such as outdoor street light poles, flyovers, and tree trunks.

Part II. Difference between ONU and CPE

Difference between ONU and CPE

Part III. Application of CPE

According to specific application scenarios, CPE is divided into multiple categories, such as consumer CPE, commercial CPE, and industry CPE.

1. Consumer CPE

Consumer CPE is generally applied in families, businesses, or offices, providing flexible and convenient methods to surf the Internet on occasion without broadband. Now the consumer CPE supports 4G and 5G. With a 4G/5G SIM card inserted into the CPE, you can connect to the 4G/5G broadband or WiFi. In addition, the CPE is backward compatible and there are LAN ports that the terminal devices can get on the Internet with cable.

Consumer CPE

Related Products: VSOL 4G LTE CAT6 CPE

Features:– Supports dual-band WiFi with internal antennas
– Band/EARFCN/PCO/SIM lock
– Provide Catagory 6 high-speed data services
– NAT, bridge and router mode

XMC1841 | 4G CPE Smart Router

2. Industry CPE

Signals in some areas off the beaten track are usually weak and unstable. With the help of 5G industry CPE, the gateway signals can be relayed secondly and the coverage of the 5G network will be enlarged.

The 5G WLAN consisted of 5G special networks and CPE will be the typical application in advanced industrial telecommunication. The 5G industry CPE can not only transfer 5G signals into WLAN signals to provide wireless network accessing service for industrial users but also offer larger bandwidth, higher speed, lower latency, more reliable industrial network performance and security.

Related Product: VSOL 5G industry CPE

Features:– 5G high-speed transmission: support R15 5G NSA/SA
– Global 5G/4G/3G cellular connections
– VPN function: support GRE,L2GRE,PPTP,L2TP,IPSec etc. 
– Multiple interfaces: RJ45, RS232, RS485, SIM Card slot, Relay Port & I/O Port.

VSOL 5G industry CPE

In addition to the CPE mentioned above, there are some other 4G CPE and 5G CPE devices for different services. For instance, 5G indoor CPE and 5G outdoor CPE also are representative products that bring family and business great convenience.

It is said that shared bicycles solve the problem of the last mile of travel. In the same way, CPE will solve the problem of the last mile of network connection. It is conceivable that the application of CPE will be enriched in the future.

It will be widely used in wireless network access in various scenarios such as rural areas, towns, hospitals, factories, communities, airports, railway stations, etc., which can save the cost of laying wired networks. There is a huge market capacity for CPE.

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