Small Capacity OLT: Building Fiber Access Networks


In the digital era, with the rapid development of 5G, F5G and the rise of artificial intelligence, the construction of optical access networks has become increasingly important.

Operators highly appreciate small-capacity OLTs because of their unique advantages.

These OLTs align with the growing trend of optical access nodes getting closer to users.

They are suitable for various deployment scenarios, offer higher bandwidth and more resources, and meet cost-effective network construction requirements.


VSOL Small Capacity OLT

With its professional strength and innovative spirit, VSOL has taken the lead in launching a series of industry-first small-capacity OLT products since it started developing PON products in 2007, leading the new trend of compact and miniaturized access equipment.

1. Flexible and Broad Application Scenarios

A compact OLT offers flexibility and works well in various environments. It’s great for tight server rooms, low-density areas, wide network coverage, quick access in smart parks, and combining with mobile base stations.


2. Leading Innovation with Multiple Interfaces

VSOL OLT supports a variety of access methods, such as EPON, GPON, XG(S)-PON, and Combo PON, to meet the diversified access needs in the Gigabit era.

VSOL small capacity OLT products offer flexible equipment choices from 1 to 16 ports, designed for flexible deployment, rapid deployment, and cost-effective FTTX access.

V1600 series compact OLT equipment provides 1/2/4/8/16 multiple PON ports, which are very popular in the world.

3. Exported and Favored by Global ISP

VSOL’s PON products are mainly exported to ISP markets. Small-capacity OLT technology helps realize more flexible, efficient, and economical network construction, bringing optical access nodes closer to subscribers.

4. Strong Support for Special Functions

VSOL’s small capacity OLT is equipped with special functions such as credit control, OLT & ONU Lock, customized OMCI multi-service VSOL private protocols, and Layer 3 routing protocols such as RIP/OSPF.

In addition, open underlying interfaces such as OMCI support the separation of control and forwarding. Enabling the evolution of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV).

V1600D16 Provides Layer 3 dynamic routing protocols of RIP/OSPF

5. Secure and Efficient Transport

VSOL supports Class B primary link protection, Layer 3 dynamic routing protocols, and firewalls.

It ensures the secure and efficient transmission of enterprise data services.

It meets the application requirements of telecom operators and ISP operators.


With its leading small-capacity OLT products, VSOL has successfully helped operators around the world optimize their network resources.

Filling the gap in the market and providing lightweight solutions for low-demand users, VSOL has made outstanding contributions to network development in the digital era.

In the future, we will continue to launch innovative products and solutions, to promote the construction of global optical broadband networks and support the growth of the digital economy.

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