[2023] How to Ensure Fiber Optic Network Security


1. Importance of Fiber Optic Network Security

Network security has a growing impact on organizations with large data transfers. Digitalization, increasing family networks, and cloud storage mean that fiber optic security systems should be of great importance. Without a secure network, financial and personal data can be vulnerable to malicious hacking and destruction. Departments of education, finance, government, and health would be frequently targeted. Although many companies use encryption technologies to prevent data at rest from being attacked, the data is still easily intruded and intercepted in transferring.

It’s said that a fiber optic network is more secure than cabling and satellite communication. But there is no secure network. It’s easy to eavesdrop, bend, and splice in the fiber optic Internet, which allows attackers to access packets traversing the connection. Hackers can extract light and redirect it to a transfer route on their computer by creating a small bend in the fiber with tools. Then, they can identify transferring signals by operating them in a bend. By equipping tools to create a small bend in the fiber, hackers can extract light and redirect it to a transfer route on their computer.

Therefore, some measures should be taken in the fiber optic network to improve network security. Let’s go on to learn how to ensure fiber optic Internet security.

2. How to Ensure Fiber Optic Network Security

A key solution to help effectively combat fiber-optic network threats is the introduction of in-flight encryption mechanisms directly into the optical systems that transmit and receive information to adequately protect the network end-to-end. Currently, however, such encryption schemes are only available for a limited number of critical data center interconnect links.

To prevent infrastructure vulnerabilities, such as fiber leaks exploited by hackers, operators should seek to use effective specifications designed to protect against large-scale cybersecurity attacks, such as G.657.A2 fiber. Originally developed to protect access networks and fiber-to-the-home networks, fiber is naturally more prone to bends and corners, so this prevents any additional transmission loss from bend leakage. Hardened fibers significantly reduce the risk of light escaping when bent, which would render hacking tools futile, as undetectable light would make it difficult to identify incoming signals. The standard can be extended to all parts of the network to ensure complete security coverage.

Additionally, operators must use fibers that are resistant to the effects of microbending inside the cable. This ensures that the technology has reliable channel wavelength dependence. This elasticity firmly bonds all transmission bends, including the upper L-band and U-band exposed with the highest microbending effect. Furthermore, this ensures that simpler, cost-effective cable designs can be introduced in all environments.

The equipment ONU/ONT in the optical infrastructure should also have security protection functions. For example, V-SOL provides secure ONU to improve the network security system.

Here are the security features of the Secure ONT device:
 ● Chipset with built-in firewall 
● Anti-DDOS, Anti-Virus
● Filter based on IP/MAC/White List/Black List
● Abnormal protection: detect rogue ONU, hardware Dying Gasp
● Support auto-detecting, auto-configuration, and auto firmware upgrade
● Support SN/Pswl/Loid/Loid+Psw authentication

Secure ONU

By employing a secure, encrypted fiber solution, operators and businesses can secure any data transfer, cloud-based migration, and most importantly, protect personal and financial information from cybercrime with a fully resilient cybersecurity network. In an age where cybersecurity has become as important as locking your door at night, it’s paramount to use the most resilient options for total safety and security.

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