Outdoor 8 Port GPON OLT with EDFA

Item No.: V1600G1WEO
Outdoor 8 Port GPON OLT V1600G1WEO is designed for outdoor use of FTTH solution, which contains 2 EDFA modules, 1 WDM module, 1 GPON OLT module, and 2 power supply modules.
  • Material: Steel Shell
  • Size: 450*315*186mm
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Description parameters Video Show Download

    GPON OLT V1600G1WEO 

    V-SOL Outdoor GPON OLT

    Outdoor OLT with EDFA

    Outdoor Full-Time Work, Flexible Deployment



    Outdoor OLT

    Diagram of FTTH Implementation Program

    First-level Optical Splitting Centralized Deployment of Wild-type OLT  (Multi-Storey Buildings)

    Outdoor GPON OLT

    Product Module Display

    GPON OLT V1600G1WEO Interface

    8 Port GPON OLT

    Chassis Rack 1U 19Inch Standard Box
    Uplink Port
    QTY 5
    RJ45(GE) 1
    SFP(GE) 2
    SFP+(10GE) 2
    GPON Port QTY 8
    Physical Interface SFP Slots
    Connector Type Class (Class C++/Class C+++)
    Max splitting ratio 1:128
    Management Ports 1*10/100 BASE-T out-band port, 1*CONSOLE port
    PON Port Specification
    (Class C+++ Module)
    Transmission Distance 20KM
    GPON port speed Upstream 1.244Gbps,
    Downstream 2.488Gbps
    Wavelength TX 1490nm, RX 1310nm
    Connector SC/UPC
    Fiber Type 9/125μm SMF
    TX Power +4.5~+10dBm
    Rx Sensitivity -30dBm
    Saturation Optical Power -12dBm
    Dimension (L*W*H) 450*315*186mm
    Working wavelength 1535nm1565nm
    Input optical power -3dBm+10dBm(ACC Mode) / -6dBm+10dBm(APC Mode)
    Output optical power stability  ±0.25dB
    Noise figure  5.0dB(@Input optical power is +3dBm)
    Input /output reflection loss  45dB
    Input/output pump light leakage ≤-30dBm
    C/CTB ≥63dB EDFA input optical power is 3dBm,and the optical link composed of optical transmitter and receiver is tested.
    C/CSO ≥62dB
    C/N ≥50dB
    V1600G1WEO-PWR AC:90~264V, 47/63Hz, 24V DC output,
    Dual Power Module Supply
    V1600G1WEO-BAT Option
    Weight 10kg
    Power Consumption ≤80W
    Working Temperature -40 ~ +70°C
    Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85°C
    Relative Humidity 5~90% (non-conditioning)
    Management Mode WEB/SNMP/Telnet/CLI/SSHv2


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