CATV Receiver with WDM

Item No.: V8601C-1
The V8601C is a mini in-door optical receiver build in WDM, design for FTTP/FTTH transmission applications.
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 96mm(L)×90mm(W)×24mm(H)
  • Weight: 0.18kg
  • Description Features Parameters  Application
       Product introduction
    The V8601C is a mini in-door optical receiver build in WDM, design for FTTP/FTTH transmission applications. It delivers excellent frequency and distortion responses with low noise, high RF output, and low power consumption.The PTR3282C package is single mode fiber-pigtailed and is available with various connector options.
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    CATV Receiver product picture
       Special Features
     ► 1 GHz operating bandwidth 

     ► Lower input optical range:+2~-18dBm

     ► Output level up to 76dBuV (@-15dBm power input)

     ► 1 RF Output optional   

     ► Low power consumption<1.0W

        Technical parameters
    Description Value Unit Conditions / Notes
    Optical Specifications (Forward Path)
    Wavelength 1550/1490/1310 nm Com port
      1490/1310 nm For ONT
    Optical Power Input Range -18+2 dBm  
    AGC Range -2-12 dBm  
    Optical Input Return Loss ≥45 dB  
    RF Specifications (Forward Path)
    Bandwidth 471003 MHz  
    Flatness ±1.0 dB 471003MHzAt 25 ℃
    Slope 0~2.0 dB 471003MHzAt 25 ℃
    Temperature Stability ±1.5 dB In the operating temperature range (-25 ~ +65 ℃)
    Output Level 75 dBuV -15dBm input optical power, The analog channelper channel modulation 4.0%, in the 860MHz point test, at 25℃
    Impedance 75 Ohm  
    Return Loss471000MHz ≥12 dB At 25 ℃
    MER ≥30 dB -15~-5dBm input optical power
      ≥24 dB -20~-16, input optical power
    Power < 1.0 W  
    Environmental Parameters
    Operating Temperature -2565  
    Storage Temperature -4070  
    Storage Humidity ≤95 Non- condensation
    User Interface
    Optical Connector Type SC/APC in,
    SC/PC out
      SC  Optional,
    See the figure and
    Power supply DC5V/0.5A   External adapter, See the figure
    RF Output RG6 Connector   Optional,
    See the figure and
      1 or 2 ports    
    Optical Indicator Shine Red or
    Green color
      Optical power <-16dBm ,red
    Optical power >--16dBm ,green
    See the figure
    Housing 90×85×25 mm  
    Net weight 0.138 kg  
    Gross weight 0.184 kg  
       Application Chart

    CATV Receiver application picture

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