Item No.: V2804Z-4G
V2804Z-4G(XPON 4GE ONT) is a broadband access device specially designed to meet the needs of telecom operators for FTTO (Office), FTTD (Desktop), FTTH (Home), SOHO access, and video surveillance access.
The ONT is based on high-performance chip solutions, supports XPON dual-mode technology (EPON and GPON), and also supports other Layer 2/Layer 3 functions, providing data service for carrier-grade FTTH applications. In addition, the ONT also supports the OAM/OMCI protocol, and we can configure or manage various services of the ONT on the VSOL OLT.
The ONT has high reliability, is easy to manage and maintain, and has QoS guarantees for various services. It conforms to a series of international technical standards such as IEEE802.3ah and ITU-T G.984.
  • Material: Steel shell
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    1*XPON+4GE ONU

    4GE Port XPON ONU

    Applicable Scenarios

    High reliability, easy maintenance and guaranteed QOS for different services.

    More Streamlined, More Convenient

    It is fully compliant with technical regulations such as
    ITU-T G.984.x and IEEE802.3ah.SFP with SC/UPC Connector Transceiver.

    Ultra-durable and More Trouble-free

     Hardware Parameter
    Dimension 130mm*110mm*30mm(L*W*H)
    Net weight TBD
    Operating condition Operating temp: 0 ~ +50°C
    Operating humidity: 5 ~ 90%  (non-condensed)
    Storing condition Storing temp: -30 ~ +60°C
    Storing humidity: 5 ~ 90%  (non-condensed)
    Power adapter DC 12V/1A, external AC-DC power adaptor
    Power supply ≤12W
    Interfaces 4GE
    Indicators PWR, PON, LOS, LAN1~LAN4
     Interface parameter
    PON interface
    1. 1 XPON port(EPON PX20+ & GPON Class B+)
    2. SC single mode, SC/UPC connector
    3. TX optical power: 0+4dBm
    4. RX sensitivity: -27dBm
    5. Overload optical power: -3dBm(EPON) or -8dBm(GPON)
    6. Transmission distance: 20KM
    7. Wavelength: TX 1310nm, RX1490nm
    LAN interface 4*GE, Auto-negotiation RJ45 connectors
     Function Data
    XPON Mode Dual mode, Auto-access to EPON/GPON OLT
    Uplink Mode Bridging and Routing Mode
    Abnormal protection Detecting Rogue ONU, Hardware Dying Gasp
    Firewall DDOS, Filtering Based on ACL/MAC/URL
     Product Feature
    1. Support MPCP discover®ister
    2. Support authentication Mac/Loid/Mac+Loid
    3. Support Triple Churning
    4. Support DBA bandwidth
    5. Support auto-detecting, auto-configuration, and auto firmware upgrade 
    6. Support SN/Psw/Loid/Loid+Psw authentication
    1. Support Dying Gasp
    2. Support Port Loop Detect
    3. Support Eth Port Los
    1. Support Port rate limiting
    2. Support Loop detection
    3. Support Flow control
    4. Support Storm control
    1. Support VLAN tag mode
    2. Support VLAN transparent mode
    3. Support VLAN trunk mode(max 8 vlans)
    4. Support VLAN 1:1 translation mode(≤8 vlans)
    5. Auto VLAN detection 
    1. Support MLD
    2. Support IGMP v1/v2/Snooping 
    3. Max Multicast vlan 8
    4. Max Multicast Group 64
    1. Support 4 queues
    2. Support SP and WRR
    3. Support 802.1P
    1. Support IPv4/IPv6
    2. Support DHCP/PPPOE/Static IP
    3. Support Static route
    4. Support NAT
    1. Support CTC OAM 2.0 and 2.1
    2. Support ITUT984.x OMCI
    3. Support TR069/WEB/TELNET/CLI


    XPON ONT V2804Z-4G Datasheet-V2.0-EN


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