Item No.: V2801D
V2801D-1GT1 (XPON 1GE+CATV ONT)  is specially designed to meet the FTTO (office), FTTD (desktop), FTTH (home), TV and other needs of telecom operators. The ONT is based on a high-performance chip solution, supports dual-mode (EPON and GPON), and also supports Layer 2/Layer 3 functions, providing data services for carrier-grade FTTH applications.
The ONT has high reliability and can be used in wide temperature environments. It also has powerful firewall functions and is easy to manage and maintain. It can provide QoS guarantee for different services. It conforms to international technical standards such as IEEE802.3ah and ITU-T G.984.
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Size: 82mm×82mm×25mm
  • Weight: 85g
  • Description Parameters Product videos Download

    CATV ONT V2801D-1GT1

    XPON Dual Mode | Gigabit LAN | CATV Service

    Support HGU/SFU Feature, Flexible Access Network

    Support Bridge Mode & Router Mode

    Flexible Choice

    Meet the Needs of Customers

    Small Size, Plug & Play

     Easy to Deploy

     Hardware Parameter
    Dimension 100mm×92mm×30mm(L×W×H)
    Net weight 130g
    Operating condition Operating Temp: 0 ~ +50°C
    Operating Humidity: 10 ~ 90%(non-condensed)
    Storing condition Storing temp: -30 ~ +70°C
    Storing humidity: 10 ~ 90%  (non-condensed)
    Power adapter DC 12V, 0.5A, external AC-DC power adaptor
    Power supply 4.2W
    Interface 1GE+CATV
    Indicators POWER, LOS, PON, LAN, CATV
     Interface parameter
    PON interface
    • 1XPON port(EPON PX20+ and GPON Class B+)
    • SC single mode, SC/APC connector
    • TX optical power: 0~+4dBm
    • RX sensitivity: -27dBm
    • Overload optical power: -3dBm(EPON) or -8dBm(GPON)
    • Transmission distance: 20KM
    • Wavelength: TX 1310nm, RX1490nm, CATV 1550nm
    LAN interface 1*GE Auto-negotiation RJ45 ports
    CATV interface V2801D V2:
    • RF Optical power : +2-18dBm
    • Optical receiving wavelength: 1550±10nm
    • RF frequency range: 47~1000MHz
    • RF output impedance: 75Ω
    • RF output level: ≥ 70dBuV(0~-15dBm)
    • AGC range: 0~-15dBm
    • MER: ≥32dB(-14dBm optical input)
    V2801D V3:
    • RF Optical power : 0~-3dBm
    • Optical receiving wavelength: 1550±10nm
    • RF frequency range: 47~1000MHz
    • RF output impedance: 75Ω
    • RF output level: ≥ 60dBuV(0~-3dBm)
    • AGC range: not support
    • MER: ≥32dB(0~-3dBm optical input)
     Function Data
    PON Mode XPON Dual Mode
    Uplink Mode Bridging and Routing Mode
    Well connect with OLTs of mainstream
    CATV Support CATV Rmote management
    • Support CTC OAM 2.1 and 3.0
    • Support ITUT984.x OMCI
    • 802.1D & 802.1ad bridging
    • 802.1p CoS
    • 802.1Q VLAN
    • IPv4
    • DHCP Client/Server
    Multicast IGMP v2/v3, IGMP snooping
    Security and Firewall
    • Prevent Rogue ONU
    • DDOS, Filtering Based on ACL/MAC/URL
    O&M Support EMS\WEB\Telnet\CLI and unified network management of VSOL OLT



    Oct 08, 2019
    want to buy your product for my network
    Md. Abdul Latif
    Sep 11, 2019
    1GE+CATV ONU Item No.: V2801D I contact Bangladesh Dhaka Office Dealer But They Don't have Products so want How I Buy
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