8 FXS VoIP Gateway

Model: IAD3008

 Product introduct

IAD3000 series VoIP gateway products are designed, based on V-solution 5 years FTTx technology experience, to fulfill the demand of marketing and clients. This series include IAD3002, IAD3008, IAD3016 and IAD3032. They support SIP protocol and numerous voice coding technology. IAD3000 series are ideal equipments used to build VoIP network and call center. They are widely used in telecom operators, politics and law, government and education industry field, etc.

Advanced Technology. IAD3000 series adopt advanced SIP protocol, compatible with mainstream IMS platform, supporting calling control, VoIP gateway and telecom supplementary service as well, providing advanced, multi-protocols, high reliable and quality calling service for clients.

Opened service architecture. IAD3000 series is compatible with mainstream IMS platform, support IP voice, video, fax, modem, etc. These devices bring high efficient communication experience to customers.

Perfect value-added service. Support PSTN additional service and value-added service, increase client’s office efficiency and promote VoIP system value.

Easy management and maintenance. IAD3000 series provide graphic Web management, support remote configuration, maintenance and on-line update, etc. It preserves rich log information, easy to make fault analysis and trouble shoot.

 Special Features

► Support SIP and IMS SIP protocols, compatible with popular IMS platform, support voice, data and video services.
► Support PLC technology, guaranteed high quality voice.
► Flexible calling and routing strategy, retain the primary phone number and calling rule and hobby..
► Support rich telecom supplementary service.

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