64 FXS VoIP Gateway

Model: IAD3064
Spec: 64 FXS VoIP Gateway

  Product introduction
Leading technology

MyPower VG2000-x series media gateway supports advanced SIP protocol, compatible with current mainstream IMS vendors, supports call control, media gateway and carrier-grade supplementary application services, providing users with advanced, multi-protocol, high-reliability and high-quality call services. .

Open business architecture

The MyPower VG2000-x series media gateways are compatible with current mainstream IMS vendors, enabling IP voice, video, fax, and modem services to provide users with an efficient communication experience.

Rich value-added features

Support PSTN additional services and feature value-added services, greatly providing customers with office efficiency and enhancing the value of unified communications systems.

Rich management and maintenance methods

MyPower VG2000-x series media gateway provides Chinese graphical web management, administrators can remotely configure, maintain and upgrade devices. The MyPower VG2000-x series media gateway provides a wealth of log information to help administrators locate, analyze, and troubleshoot faults.

  Technical parameters
Product numberIAD304IAD3008IAD3016IAD3032 (M)IAD3064
Hardware Specifications
Interface Type2*10 / 100M Ethernet port, four FXS port, a port configuration2*10 / 100M Ethernet interface, FXS port 8, a configuration port2*10 / 100M Ethernet interface, FXS port 16, a port configuration2*10 / 100M Ethernet interface 32 FXS (FXO) port, a port configuration3*10 / 100M Ethernet interface, FXS port 64, a port configuration
Physical indicators
(H × W × D (mm))
37 × 205 × 14044.5 × 245 × 14544.5 × 440 × 20044.5 × 440 × 280
Power RequirementsExternal AC: 90-265V / 50 ~ 60HzAC input voltage: 100 ~ 240V
12VDC / 1ADC Input: 12VDC / 2AAC: 100 ~ 240V, 50 / 60Hz
Maximum power consumption (W): 18wMaximum power consumption (W): 28wMaximum power consumption (W): 48wMaximum power consumption (W): 48w
Environmental parametersLong-term temperature: 15 ℃ ~ 30 ℃
Short-term temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
Long-term Humidity: 40% to 65%, non-condensing
Short-term Operating humidity: 0% to 90%, non-condensing
Software Specifications
Ethernet InterfaceIEEE 802.2 (LLC), IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet)
Mainstream VoIP protocolsSIP
Speech codingG.711, G.729, etc.
ManagementSNMP, Web, shell
Echo suppressionG.168-2000 compliant
Voice activation / comfort noiseVAD / CNG
Detection and generation of signalingDTMF
System PerformanceCall time retention rate> 99%
Multiple call completion rate> 90%
Business functions
  1. Caller ID
  2. Call Hold
  3. Group ringing
  4. Auto Attendant
  5. Moves change the number
  6. Busy tone recognition
  7. Call Transfer
  8. Call Parking
  9. Dial-up hotline
  10. Call Recording
  11. IVRvoice
  13. Call forwarding
  14. Call Pickup
  15. Three-way calling
  16. Callback Busy
  17. Strong play demolitions
  18. Phone configuration

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