Model: V5628-2A2
Weight: 5Kg

 Product introduct

The V5628-2A2 EPON+24FE/EPON+24FE+24POTS MDU is an EPON broadband access device with “Triple-Play” and fiber to building (FTTB) independently developed by V-Solution. It is based on mature and stable Gigabit EPON Technology and L3 Ethernet switching technology, with high reliability, good quality of service (QoS) guarantee, easy management and flexible networking features. It meets the requirements of ITU-T,IEEE & YD/T Technical requirements for access network.

  Special Features

► Support OAM+SNMP management.
► Lightning Protection Capability LAN: 4 kV,POTS: 4 kV, AC Power:6kV. 
► Support 802.1ad(QinQ) and multicast. 
► Support Line testing according to GR-909. 
► Support AC or DC power supply. 
► Support Dying-gasp.

 Technical parameters
Console3*RJ45(1 For EPON MAC,1 For Configuration,1 For VoIP)
Power InputAC:100~240V or DC:-48V
Power Dissipation≤50W
Operating Temperature-30~+55℃
Operating humidity10~90%RH(non-condensing)
Storage Temperature-40~+65℃
Mounting19-inch rack,1U Rack
Layer2/3 FunctionUp to 16 K MAC address;
Support 4K VLANs and IEEE802.1Q/802.1p,based on MAC,IP Subnet and protocol.Support VLAN Double-Tag;
Support IEEE802.1QinQ/802.1ad and VLAN transparent transmission;
Support port stability statistic and monitoring;
Support 1K multicast Route Table and support SCB;
Support STP/RSTP;
QoS:Support 8 levels CoS priority.Support SP,WRR,SP+WRR;
Support IGMP Snooping;
Support ACLbased on IP,TCP/UDP and protocol;
Support Filter based on port,MAC,VLAN ID and IP(IPv4/IPv6).
EPON FunctionSupport port-based rate limitation and bandwidth control;
In compliant with IEEE802.3ah standard;
Up to 20KM transmission Distance;
Support Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA);
Support ONU auto-discovery/link detection/remote upgrade of software;
Support VLAN division and user separation to avoid broadcast storm;
Support various LLID configuration and single LLID configuration; Different user and different service could provide different QoS by means of different LLID channels;
Support power-off alarm function,easy for link problem detection;
Support broadcasting storm resistance function;
Support port isolation between different ports;
Specialized design for system breakdown prevention to maintain stable system;
Support dynamic distance calculation on EMS online;
VoIP FuncitonSupport SIP(IMS),H.248&MGCP protocol and It can well communicate with the mainstream soft switch platforms in the industry;
Support heartbeat function and supports active / standby soft switch platform;
Support ITU-T G.711,G.723.1 and G.729 speech codec;
Support Echo cancellation exceeding ITU-T G.165/G.168-2002, up to 128ms tail length;
Support high/low speed fax/Modem, bypass fax, and T38 fax;
Support InBand / RFC2833/SIP INFO, MD5 authentication, call forward, call waiting, hot-line call, and all kinds of value-added voice service. Multi-party conferencing
Support Line testing according to GR-909
Support Modem(56Kbps)
Suport PPPoE,DHCP and static IP;
Support Web/CLI/SNMP 

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