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VSOL set up Joint Laboratory of Optical and Wireless Communication with SCUT

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Update time : 2021-09-26 11:26:49
On September 13, the ceremony of setting up Joint Laboratory of Optical and Wireless Communication between Guangzhou V-Solution Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd. (VSOL) and South China University of Technology (SCUT) was held on the ROTC of VSOL.
Based on the sharing of innovative resources and the principle of cooperative research and development, the joint laboratory will carry out excellent technological innovation and improve the technological industrialization. This cooperation will focus on three topics, which includes wireless CPE equipment antenna research, 5G millimeter wave package antenna research, and PON research based on artificial intelligence control to integrate in-depth production, education and research.
Chen Chunming, the CEO of VSOL and Zhang Xiuyin, the deputy dean of SCUT, addressed that the cooperation is the inherent requirement for development and the strategic measure to achieve a win-win situation. It’s an urgent and long-term plan. It is hoped that a long-term business relationship on the basis of mutual benefit will be built.
Under the witness of both parties, VSOL and SCUT finished the ceremony successfully.
It’s a great start for both parties to set up the joint laboratory to explore production, education and research, which will drive more communication on scientific research, technology innovation and talent cultivation. May both parties achieve win-win results through cooperation!

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