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The Sunshine of Winter: V-SOL 8th Winter Solstice Dumpling Festival

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Update time : 2021-12-28 10:20:09
The Winter Solstice is also called the winter festival or small new year in Guangzhou. There is no snow in the Winter Solstice in Guangzhou, but Cantonese attach great importance to this traditional festival. The Winter Solstice is as lively as China New Year for Guangzhou. In the same way, it is also a very important festival for V-SOL. On the afternoon of December 17, V-SOL members went to the factory of Dingxing Wisdom Valley after work to took participated in the 8th Winter Solstice dumpling festival. A total of 38 tables were prepared for this feast, which was the largest in history. The feast was very warm and sweet, not as cold as the outside. V-SOL's family members gathered together to enjoy their warm moments. That was a winter gift for V-SOL to the family and it was also an annual appointment for V-SOL and family members.
Are you ready? Begin!
The feast started with speeches by leaders—Manager Deng represented the preparatory team to speech and manager Chen gave a speech for the company. V-SOL also invited relevant business partners to participate in this dumpling festival. The feast grandly started in the passionate company song! The company song has been deeply rooted in the heart of every member of V-SOL and became a beacon for them to pursue their dreams on the way.
Happy Winter Solstice, Eat Dumplings!
Plates of chubby dumplings were served on the table. They were so fresh and delicious and the gravy of dumplings bitten immediately hit the taste buds. There were several fillings for dumplings including leeks, corn and mushrooms. Dumplings stuffed with leek meant blessing, dumplings stuffed with mushrooms meant wealth and dumplings stuffed with corn meant golden and jade. With many good wishes, V-SOL family members happily ate dumplings made by themselves and hot pot, drank and laughed together. The scene was very happy and lively just like New Year's Eve!
V-SOL's outstanding singers!
At the beginning of the feast, the atmosphere was very active, everyone was filled with joy and happiness. The feast reached a climax in an instant when two hosts announced that the Singing competition began. 
Each contestant performed very well, and they confidently showed themselves on the stage. In the end, Xing Yuming who is from the material control department won the champion, Deng Xiaoming who is from the production department won the runner-up and Jiang Huimin who is from the sales department won the second runner-up! Congratulations!
Happy Birthday To You!
With the happy birthday song played, V-SOL family members celebrated the birthday for these birthday girls/boys who were born in November and December. They made their birthday wishes with everyone's blessing. A happy time was paused at this moment accompanied by smiling faces, sincere blessings and grateful hearts. The cake symbolizes the group and twinkle candles are like many pulsating hearts. V-SOL is brilliant because of the group and the group is proud of V-SOL!
Thanks For Your Companionship!
V-SOL Winter Solstice Dumpling Festival ended in a moment of laughter. We are lucky to meet and we are grateful for each other. Sincerely thanking for everyone who has worked hard for V-SOL! The new year is coming and we look forward to getting stronger and better!
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