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We are all Vsolution Family - The record of the 11th anniversary celebrating tour of our company

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Update time : 2018-06-01 15:34:00
11 years, we are face and work together, keep our dream and go on work. All we only do one thing, that is try our best to make the same vision: Make Vsolution to become the leading brand in the field of communication and access.
Looking back through the imprint of the road, the heart is full of gratitude. To celebrate the 11th anniversary, thanks for the hard work of the staff, our company create a harmonious collective atmosphere for all the staff to have a beautiful scenery trip to Qingyuan.

We started from guangzhou at eight o'clock, and all we are with fun singing and chatting on the way to Qinyuan. The mood is as bright and fun as the sunshine.
After arriving at the destination, Everyone start to find their teammates and the venue. Enjoying to wash the pot, wash vegetables, cut vegetables, and so on. The team members work closely together, and so busy with on hand work. Cooking at village with the curling smoke rises, teams begin to stir fry in hot dishes. Soon, the aroma of all kinds of dishes float in the air.
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    Look at the curling smoke and smell the delicious arround. As the time close the finish of competition,Each team put their best one food on the table with full of delicious smell. Everyone all want to try it. Each dish foods cooked by the best cookers, all the captures of the judges' tongue.

In this cooker event, we have not only deeply felt the enjoy food, also to freindship within the cooking time. Not only hard cooking funny, also be sense of achievement from the teamwork. Not only stay at hot summer, more felling the hard with sweet of live.
We can not betrayed the delicious food and feelings. This cooker game bring all v-solution family with one delicious of curlings smoke, one fellings of food and lucky moment.
Replete, we should do some sport. Followed is another activity. "One unite goal" the darts. This Game with meaning for our company culture (unity of thought, unity of goal, unity of action). In the activity, each team’s member participates enthusiastically, cheers one after another, immerses in it.
The trip of this flower Town is coming to an end. We continue to the next part of our journey: Niu Yu Zui's original ecological scenic spot.
In the scenic area, the trees are shaded, the strange stone stands, the mountains are flowing water, the birds are fragrant,all away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Stay in the embrace of the nature, we enjoy the pleasure and relaxation of our body and mood.
More than 100 Vsolution family went to the top of the mountain togehter, and we all looked forward to experiencing the breathtaking "Sky- Bridge" and "flying dragon slide". In the friction between the glass and the body, there is full of enthusiasm and passion for the life and work of us.
9  10
After watching the performance, we continued to implement the company culture and held the "action unified" photo PK games. In accordance with the original group PK competition, we are making every effort to achieve the most coordinated state and jump to the highest level. The participants waved and waved vigorously, like a carp, struggling to cross Longmen.
At the annual dinner, the wine cup and the smiling face reflect each other. Everyone is drinking and drinking in a cup again and again for the nice relation with ours. With the blessing, accompanied by laughter, the anniversary of the happy time to the successfully ended.
In this annual event, we have deeply felt the communication, cooperation and cohesion. More further understood the importance of unity of thought, unity of objectives and action in the culture of the company. The reason of why the compass can draw a circle, it is its heart keep not moving and the feet keep moving. We can realize the dream and create a brilliant dream in the unity of thought, goal and action.
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