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VSOL Successfully Held the Basketball Competition and Tug-of-War Competition in 2020

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Update time : 2020-10-13 10:55:50
On the evening of September 4, 2020, the VSOL basketball competition began in Science City Sports Park. Team A composed of office staff and Team B composed of factory staff showed us a wonderful basketball game. And Team B won the game with the scores of 29:25.
Then, on September 11, Team A and Team C both from the same office played a very fierce basketball game on the playground, even though they were close colleagues. Initially, Team C was 12 points behind Team A. However, they didn't give up. They slowly approached Team A. In the end, Team A won the game with scores of 26:20, a small difference of 6 points only.
On the night of September 24, Team B and Team C held their last basketball match in the Science City Sports Park. The match entered the extension, and the two teams scored the same as 26 points. At first, both teams scored goals, but the situation was interrupted by Team B's counterattack. Finally, Team B won the 2020 basketball championship, with the scores of 34:30! Team A won second place and Team C won third place.
During the break of the final game, the audience also played with the team and took part in interesting shooting. In the end, Team A won the interesting shooting by two points difference, but which made everyone very happy and enjoyed the game.
So far, the basketball match of VSOL games in autumn 2020 has been successfully completed. In the spirit of unity, the athletes from all the delegation brought a wonderful and fierce basketball feast for everyone, insisting that "friendship always comes first, then competition", which fully demonstrated the courage and enthusiasm of VSOL family members, as well as their youth spirit and entrepreneurship.
 We work together to make us stronger.
After the national day holiday, VSOL organized a lively tug og war competition on October 9 to develop family friendship and ease the fatigue of a day's work.
A total of five teams participated in the competition, including three representative teams from the office and two representative teams from the factory, each consisting of eight men and two women. When the referee blew the whistle, the atmosphere was very tense and everyone grabbed the rope and went all out. Mobilize them and fight for victory. Non-participants spontaneously formed a cheer leading team to encourage participants to scream and clap.
After three rounds of competition, Team A won the first place.
Basketball match and tug of war match are two activities of VSOL 2020 autumn games. So far, they have been successfully held with the support of all VSOL members. Then, we will continue to hold a series of sports activities, such as cycling, football for seven and badminton. Only a healthy body can create more wealth and a better future! The purpose of organizing sports activities is to create a good VSOL environment to promote conscious exercise, active exercise and healthy work. Let's move now, let's exercise together, all VSOL family!
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