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VSOL Ran Into 2020

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Update time : 2020-01-02 15:04:43

Jan 1, 2020 VSOL organized a long distance running named VSOL Marathon in Guangzhou Biological Island, means farewell to 2019, thanksgiving 2019, ran into 2020.


There are total 3 items of VSOL Marathon: 20.2, 13 and 5 kilometers, 20.2 means the years of 2020, 13 represents 13th anniversary of VSOL, 5 represents the dream of us.  Ran into 2020, we are the most sunshine, positive, powerful and passionate!  In addition, sufficient supplies and generous prizes were provided to the participants and winners.

The running began at 7:30 in Biology Island, VSOL families ran and sweated in the beautiful place with full energy, our dream also set sail here! The top 3 of the activity are the representatives of V-SOL who run hard, work hard and play hard.


V-SOL thank all of our families, friends and customers who support us in the past , happy new year to you and your families. Lets dream as horse, act your glorious youth, to create a new miracle together!


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