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V-SOL Presented HITEX 2022

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Update time : 2022-07-08 08:43:02
HITEX Iraq was held from 27 to 30 June at the Erbil International Exhibition Grounds, the largest technology exhibition in Iraq and Kurdistan. This exhibition aims to promote technology in the Middle East and is a new way for companies to showcase the latest products, services, and cutting-edge technological innovations from around the world.
V-SOL is exhibiting at the exhibition organized by HITEX. As a leading international manufacturer of all-optical network access terminal products, V-SOL exhibited V2801SG, HG323RGW, HG323AC-B, HG3610ACM, EPON OLT, and GPON OLT series products and product solutions at the show. V-SOL has always been dedicated to making good products that satisfy customers.

During the exhibition, V-SOL was not only able to discuss current trends in the technology world with experts, but also to communicate and interact with potential customers, which greatly enhanced V-SOL's well-known power among customers and the local industry. Technological development is the core competitiveness of an enterprise and is the guarantee of its sustainable development. In the future, V-SOL will continue to promote its technological advancement, devote itself to revitalizing the national communications industry and strive to achieve the vision of giving the world full access to the Internet!
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