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V-SOL Attended ECOC 2022

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Update time : 2022-09-23 09:59:28
From 19 to 21 September 2022, ECOC 2022 (European Conference on Optical Communication) was held in Basel, Switzerland, where operators, equipment vendors and optical module manufacturers from all over the world gathered to discuss new technologies and exchange information on next-generation optical communication products.
At the show, V-SOL displayed a number of hot HGU and OLT products, as well as freshly launched products including POE HGU, WIFI 6 HGU, WIFI 6 CPE and product industry solutions. V-SOL's solutions, product features and high-quality products were well received by these high-quality customers.
V-SOL has participated in many domestic and international exhibitions for many years, actively discussing market dynamics and new technology development directions with outstanding companies in the industry, contributing to the development of the global optical communication industry. In the future, V-SOL will continue to focus on quality, actively explore cutting-edge technologies, give back to customers with better products and grow together with its partners.
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