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V-SOL 2022 New Staff Development Activities

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Update time : 2022-08-17 14:14:55
From 6th to 7th August, with the theme of "All Heart, All Strength, All Win", V-SOL held a new staff development activity at Vanilla World Development Base in Huadu. Forty-nine new staff members showed their high spirit and youthfulness during the two-day activity.
Under the coach's powerful call, all members were quickly divided into four teams, discussing their team names, slogans, logos and team shapes in the limited time available, and getting to know each other's characteristics, giving full play to their strengths and building up a sense of belonging to the team. With the loud slogans, the four teams were ready to take on the challenges they would face.
Working Together
The first challenge for the V-SOLers was the "Magic Pen", where teams worked together to write the Chinese characters and explain their understanding of them without touching the writing brush by pulling the end of the rope. This was not a solitary effort by one person, but a fusion of team strength and wisdom intertwined. "Integrity, Passion, Responsibility, Collaboration" is not just a slogan on the wall, but the basis for a common code of conduct for all members.
As simple as it may seem, it is easy for things to go wrong with "Beads for Miles". All it takes is for one person to fail to keep up with the team and the efforts of the rest of the team will be wasted. Each team concentrated on the ball with both hands, legs slightly bent, watching the trajectory of the ball as it rolled, connecting the pipes one to the other until the sound of the ball falling into the bucket was heard before a new round of relays began without pause. Each team member gave full play to his or her role in the team, fully illustrating the importance of teamwork.
Building trust and practicing responsibility
The competition was particularly fierce in the Silent Battlefield for the Responsible. There were five rounds, each with new rules and increasing difficulty, and each team had to send a member to bear the consequences of the team falling behind. To save the responsible from punishment, the four teams were eager to win and strived for the best. Despite the increased rules and difficulties, the teams got better and better and worked together more tacitly, showing their responsibility and commitment through their actions.
In the Sand Point project, each team had three roles: commander, chief of staff and soldier. The small four-sided battlefield was filled with "landmines", while the soldiers on both sides wore blindfolds and had to rely on the command of the commander and chief of staff to fight in the dark. With a firm belief in "attacking and killing the enemy", the teams were strong in command, clear in strategy, and in place to complete the battlefield with communication and collaboration, successfully passing the test of trust. For teammates who are fighting together, only by choosing to trust and support each other can we progress and grow together.
The evening breeze was gentle and the lights were bright. A roaring bonfire not only lit up the night but also aroused everyone's enthusiasm. The crowd joined hands in a circle and played the "Peach Blossom" game under the guidance of the coach. Afterward, the teams put on a variety of performances, including a catwalk show, a skit and an impassioned chorus that showed off their style and energy.
Pursuing excellence and making a difference
In the face of this seemingly impossible challenge, the performance of the V-SOL team was described as "hard-working and hard-hearted". The bruises and swelling on the shoulders of the ladder, the bruises on the traction arms, and the indomitable attitude of the two captains all show the resilience and determination of the V-SOLers. Despite the invalid fouls, everyone was undaunted and started again after effective communication. After three challenges, the team finally crossed the graduation wall in a time of 10 minutes and 6 seconds, completing the leap from excellence to excellence.
Behind the flowers and applause is hard work and perseverance. Every arrival means a new departure. In his speech, Mr. Rao said, "During the two-day and one-night training, V-SOLer showed its commitment to realism and pragmatism, and put into practice the concept of "All Heart, All Strength, All Win" with its courageous and practical actions.
At sunset, the outreach activities came to a successful end. It is believed that this activity has promoted communication and cooperation among the V-SOLers, enhanced the sense of responsibility and belonging, and also stimulated the power of youthful endeavor. May all the new staff members, with their insights and gains, continue to concentrate on their future work and move forward, writing "integrity, passion, responsibility and collaboration" in their positions and completing the chapter of youthfulness one stroke at a time!
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