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V-SOL's Headquarter Relocation with Entrepreneurs Visiting

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Update time : 2020-06-15 11:52:37


With unyielding efforts,V-SOL has been going through trials and hardships and made magnificent performance since it was found.
To keep up with the further development,V-SOL Manufacturing Center has moved to JiTang Industrial Park in December 2019 to expand production site.Six months later,on June 6, 2020,V-SOL Headquarters has been relocated to another building,B3-1101 in Science City with a brand new office space.The former headquarter space was all used as Research and Development Base.
Early at 8 a.m on the day of relocation,June 8th,every staff except R&D center came to move and the schene was heated.The moving company split and shipped larger items as desk.Everyone was united and willing to help one another to move the individual office supplies.After joint efforts,all the necessary items were carried to the new site soon.
On June 8th,the first office day in new headquarter,all the employees sat excitedly in the new and bright fiber-to-desktop (FTTD) office environment.After briefly sorting things out,they quickly entered the working state.
The opening of the new hearquarter marks the new stage of V-SOL's development.Through the expansion of the office and R&D base,V-SOL will further strengthen the efforts to introduce more talents and adopt more experimental sites and R&D facilities.So as to seize the current development opportunities,and thus promote the rapid development to the most extent.


On the afternoon of June 12, 2020,executives of dozens of enterprises came visiting V-SOL's new headquarters.Accompanied by the instructors of Jucheng Shares,these entrepreneurs visited the new office space,the Cultural Wall and the live video of the Manufacturing Center shown on TV.Finally,they watched the Monthly Award Ceremony of outstanding V-SOL's employees in the conference room.At the ceremony,under the auspices of Mr. Zhang from Sales Center,everyone sang company songs together and gave awards to outstanding employees and the top three monthly sales.They gave acceptance speeches and leaders made comments.Everybody give them a big round of applause.Mr Welming Chan,the chairman of V-SOL,gave a summary speech to encourage everyone to refrain from arrogance and rashness,and start again with Empty Cup mentality. Afterwards,all the guests and V-SOL’s family took a group photo together.

Manager Zhao of Sales Center shared the team's experience in V-SOL and its corporate culture.And Chairman Chan,as the CEO,shared V-SOL's management experience.Led by instructors of Jucheng,the atmosphere of the meeting was heated,and entrepreneurs came on stage to offer their blessings to V-SOL and interact with each other.Thanks to this sharing and exchange among entrepreneurs,we can have a clear recognition of the current economic situation.Then take team culture construction as the foundation,implement scientific management, get rid of the adverse impact of the epidemic and finally achieve the breakthrough of adversity.

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