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V-SOL's 12th Anniversary Celebration---Trip to Guilin and Yangshuo

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Update time : 2019-04-15 16:19:11
In order to thank the staff for their hard work and create a harmonious collective atmosphere, on the occasion of the twelfth anniversary of the establishment of the company, V-Solution specially organized all employees and their relatives travel to Yangshuo, and Guilin for pleasure.
On the evening of April 12, 2019, more than 200 V-Sol's employees and their relatives took the high-speed rail at Guangzhou South Railway Station and embarked on the journey.

On the morning of April 13, after breakfast, the rain stopped miraculously. We walked through the Xingping ancient town and experienced the local conditions and customs of the town along the way. After took a group photo beside the Lijiang River, we lined up to take a cruise boat to enjoy the scenery along the beautiful river.

After eating the local specialty food as lunch, we took a bus to visit Maling Ancient Village, listened to the guide's explanation, and appreciated the unique life customs of the Dong people.

Next we went to Yinziyan cave. Entered the Yinziyan cave, suddenly feel a fresh wind coming! That is because the cave is situated underground. No matter how hot it is in summer and how cold it is in winter, the cave is always keeping constant temperature. Standing at the entrance of Yinziyan and looking into the cave, we can only see a narrow path, beside which there are peculiar rocks up to 10 meters high, and stalactites upside down. Under the illumination of colored lights, the scenery is extremely unique, which makes people give full play to their imagination.

After the trip to Yinziyan cave, we went straight to the anniversary celebration dinner in Jiaoyi Mountain Villa, which is the most important part of the tour. Under the enthusiastic hosts of Guo Li and Liu Xueqin, we all sang the chorus, and then General manager Mr. Chen delivered a speech: 12 years of ups and downs, 12 years of rapid development; V-Solution achieved one goal after another, created one miracle after another. In the beginning of 2019, the performance growth momentum of our company is very good. We believe that we will be able to achieve the performance target of 2019.

Choosing to travel on 13th and 14th which means the V-Sol members will work together to build a common career platform and common development all their lives. V-Sol's early employees have visited Guilin twice. Today, they visit the old haunt again and revisit their passion together in order to move forward to the next 12 years more firmly and vigorously.
The next program is "Dancing Miracle" which is brought by new employees of V-Sol this year.

At the end of the performance, the company awarded awards to old employees who have served in the company for more than 10 years. Then the company awarded awards to key employees who play the role of "backbone" in various departments and posts.
In the last program, we give our best wishes to the colleagues and the company for their birthday in April. We sing "Happy Birthday to You" in chorus. At the anniversary celebration dinner party, the V-Sol’s people and relatives ate special food and raised their glasses to meet each other. We were happy and harmonious.

After the dinner, many V-sol members went to Yangshuo West Street in groups to enjoy the beautiful night scenery, and to experience the unique charming bar culture with different tones. In the bar, there were various interpretive singing and passionate dance performances. Here you can order a bottle of beer, relax the tension of long-term work, or dance with the music to relax the tense and tired body.

In the early morning of April 14, drizzling rain start again in Yangshuo fresh air. But the annoying rainy weather did not affect everyone's interest in traveling. We walked to Shili Gallery in the rain and umbrellas one after another. We visited various scenic spots with great interest and watched ethnic minorities' performances. Among them, Lishui Guyue, a large-scale real-life performance of mountains and waters, was a heart-stirring one. Through the performances, we appreciated the folk customs of ethnic minorities in Guangxi.

After lunch, we came to Elephant Trunk Hill Park. Elephant Trunk Hill stands at the junction of Lijiang River and Taohua River. From a distance, Elephant trunk hill looks like a huge elephant dragging its long nose down to the water, playing in the water. We climbed up from the elephant tail and came to the elephant head. Standing on the viewing platform, we could see the panorama of Guilin. In front of the elephant trunk hill, the fishermen stand on the bamboo raft, control the cormorant, ripple in the mountains and rivers of Guilin, and have the feeling of "boating on the blue waves, people swim in the paintings".

  After tasting Guilin's characteristic delicacy "Guilin rice noodles" in a small featured shop, we embarked on the return journey to Guangzhou.

This tour will help to relieve our work pressure, cultivate sentiment, relax mentality, enhance team cohesion, and fully demonstrate the enterprise spirit of V-Solution. We will "pursue the source of dreams, rekindle passion" and devote ourselves to our future work with higher enthusiasm.
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