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V-SOL won the certificate of intellectual property management

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Update time : 2019-03-28 09:57:35
Recently, it was a good news that Guangzhou Xinde Technology Co., Ltd. obtained the intellectual property management system certification for the R&D, sales and optical procurement of optical communication switches and optical communication routers, and was awarded by Guangdong Quality Inspection Standard Certification Co., Ltd. "Intellectual Property Management System Certification".

The intellectual property management system certification is the current high-level intellectual property management system qualification certification in China, and is an important reference condition for the identification of high-tech enterprises, demonstration enterprises of intellectual property rights and the identification of advantageous enterprises.

The enterprise intellectual property management system is a national standard led by the Intellectual Property Office and jointly issued by the AQSIQ and the Standardization Committee. It aims to help enterprises establish a scientific and standardized intellectual property management system, form an intellectual property management system throughout all aspects of production and operation, realize the acquisition, maintenance, use and protection of intellectual property rights, enhance the domestic and international competitiveness of enterprises, and protect enterprises. Sustainable development.

The passing of the intellectual property management system certification means that the company's technology research and development and sales in the field of optical communication have gained important recognition, and further regulation in intellectual property rights, awareness of intellectual property protection has been further enhanced, and comprehensive strength has been further enhanced.

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